The Daily art- art is my ‘Salvation’

full painting
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close up

close up

Full painting

[Art is my] ‘Salvation’

HMBT 2006

18″x 24″


finished sides, ready to hang

I hope you like it. The little black dot on her arm in the pictures is a bug that flew into the wet paint and I didn’t see it til I was looking at the pictures, he came right off though so that’s not there in the finished work…I kicked him out of my painting…no cameos!


Here is the quote that I was working with:

” The most difficult thing about finding salvation is determining whether the path to it lies within or without ourselves.”
~Levi True
Salvation, it’s about my path to redemption…I had grown uneasy with my own work, questioning my ability and purpose. I was fighting a months long artistic block [at the time]. I chose to do something about it…I chose to learn something new, change my style, change my perspective on life and find a new way to paint my story. I settled on my own style of impressionism, and this is what it looks like. She is reaching up through a deep light filled veil of deep violet, madder lake deep (dark deep red/violet), crimson reds and brilliant yellows. Her form is in the same colours just glowing and light/life filled…as it should be.
I hope you enjoy.
Thanks for being here today.
the fine print:
18″ x 24″
$125.00 USD + Shipping
Please email me HERE for purchase or a free shipping quote.
I offer a no questions asked 7 day return policy.
(7 days after YOU get it IN your home) If you don’t
like it, let me know and then wrap it back up, and
send it back, I’ll refund you the sale price, minus
the shipping charges. No problems, no hassles,
no waiting.
Art is subjective I get that, so just relax. And for
the love of art, take a look, you never know what
you will discover!
Shipping is NOT free, but I will happily give you a free shipping quote to anywhere in the world. Just send me an email with your zip code or country and I will get a free professional shipping quote back to you ASAP!
All Artworks are signed front and back, also they come with paper COA’s and documentation about the works.
Check out this weeks
only two days left!

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