New Art finished- Tree of Hearts

Tree of Hearts
full painting
you guys can’t see the great clouds I painted, argh!
Close up on the field of yellow corn flowers and knee deep grass

close up on the tree, you can see some of the cloud detail that is washed out in the other photos. This painting has great, fluffy clouds in the sky. Also you can see the bronze colored moss (bronze metallic powder) dripping from the passion red leaves of the tree.

Another close up
So, ‘Tree of Hearts’ is now on the drying wall. It’s a thick painting, so it’ll be a week at least with this weather before it’s ready to hang.
(hurry spring, hurry!)
I hope you enjoyed seeing it, and the progress pictures.
If you’d like to read more about it, see my WIP post from earlier today.
Have a good evening.
I’m tired, and now have to go do the feed the family thing.
Did someone say order in?

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