Art Auctions for the week- Come and get Em!

Fairy Tree
18″x 24″
oils and mixed media
7 day auction/no reserve
$89.99 Opening Bid
18″ x 24″
7 day auction/no reserve
$79.99 Opening Bid

Out on the Rocks
24″ x 18″
$79.99 Opening Bid
7 day Auction/ No Reserve
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The Key – from the Choir Series #6
18″ x 24″
$79.99 Opening Bid
7 day auction/No Reserve
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We Three- from the Choir Series #7

24′ x 18′
$79.99 Opening Bid
7 day auction/no reserve
Those are the art auctions for this week everyone, good luck!
Last week First Watch and When Daises Attack both sold. The week before that Break Out, Queen of the Unknown, and Knowing makes all the difference sold. The week before that it was Witness and This Apple. Just after Christmas unexpectedly Passion Tree sold (from my Etsy site) after waiting to find it’s new home for two years! Plus the new commission.
(I can’t share pictures of that one yet.)
Art auctions and art sales are going very well so far in 2008!
Thank you to my art patrons (patron saints) for keeping me in supplies; your purchases help me to keep my dream alive!
I do have some new work to share with you this week too, so stay tuned.
The BAD! Kitty Creatively Insane Train is rolling on!
Have a great week, one and all.
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