Art Auctions for the week & a story about MLK day

Bubble Trouble
12″ x 24″
Opening bid: $45.00
Shipping to anywhere inside the USA: $20.00
No reserve/7 day auction
First Watch from the Choir series #4
18″ x 24″
Opening Bid: $79.99
Shipping to anywhere inside USA: $35.00
No reserve/7 day auction
When Daisies Attack from the Choir Series #5
18″ x 24″
Opening Bid: $79.99
Shipping inside USA: $35.00
No reserve/7 day auction
Batting a Thousand from the Fairy World Series #12
18″ 24″
oils and mixed media
Opening bid: $110.00
Shipping inside the USA: $35.00
No reserve/7day auction
Fairy Tree from the Fairy World Series #6
18″ x 24″
oils and mixed media
Opening Bid: $110.00
Shipping inside the USA: $35.00
No reserve/7 day auction
Well, that’s the BAD! Kitty Art Studio art auctions for the week!
I hope everyone had a nice weekend, we did.
It’s been very cold for this warm weather artist (I am so not used to this), but I am still keeping up in studio and have several new works to show this week.
(for the newest work scroll down one post)
Today in the states, it’s Martin Luther King day.
The kids are home from school and we plan to just kick it after I get done with my coaching clients this morning.
I wanted to have something meaningful planned today to do and show the kids what this holiday is all about, but they beat me to it.
We had this really long talk about equality.
It was great, the boys were explaining to me about what civil rights means and what MLK did for the nation. I let them tell me what they have been taught in school…then I started talking about how civil rights are about every ones freedom in this country, not just people of color. They were like…WAH, Really!?
Really, really.
Yup, civil rights are about every single one of us. The right to speak, vote, pray, marry, love and be happy. Those are the rights of all human beings…we didn’t need anyone to tell us that. I was telling them that what I think MLK was talking/teaching us about was freedom from the human condition of suffering. I mean people of color are suffering, and the rest of the people in the world are suffering too. He was talking about the healing power of freeing yourself from hate in all it’s forms, self hate, bigotry, fear of the unknown or different, and really bad (or taught) judgements that we make about the humans we share the planet with.
I mean really…we all bleed, breath, love, play, hate, worry, give birth, learn, and die. So what does the covering we wear (skin, religion, sexual orientation) have to do with being a human being?
A big fat nothing, that’s what.
Who you are should be what’s valuable, not where you live, what you wear, how much money do you have; or the color of your skin or the gender you love. We are all equal in the creators eye…so why not just go with love out into the world…and put the rest of that baggage behind ourselves.
It was great to be able to talk to the boys about how this family sees the world…the youngest ended the conversation with:
“Mom, people are just people then…some are good and some choose to be bad, it’s all about learning how to do that then. [tell the good from the bad and choose for yourself which you want to be yourself] It has nothing to do with the color of skin, money, what God they pray too or who they may love, right?”
“Yup, that’s it son, that’s the ticket. Every Human has the right to live free.”
“OK, can I have a cookie?”
“yup, you sure can, thanks for talking with me you two.”
Oldest son in the house: “Oh, your welcome Mom, we just want you to be as smart as we are, you know your old and not going to school anymore, so we want to help you be your best.”
“Thanks boys for watching out for your old Mom.”
*Wicked Grins*
Have a great day everyone,
Heather McMammy
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  1. Cynthia
    January 21, 2008

    I’m very fond of “Bubble Trouble” – I wish you much success with your auctions!My daughter teaches me stuff all the time 😀 – isn’t that funny – always tickles my bones.

  2. HMBT
    January 21, 2008

    Thanks Cynthia, yup those little ones are a hoot! 🙂

  3. Kris Cahill
    January 23, 2008

    Hi Heather,I enjoy your blog! Thanks for your comment to me at Online Arts Marketing. I like your work, your philosophy, and your attitude. I am originally from Chicago, and have been in SoCal for 15 months. I do not think I can EVER go back to those winters! I feel for you in this cold. Stay warm!

  4. HMBT
    January 24, 2008

    Hi Kris. Thank you for comming by it’s a real treat to hear from you. I have been reading and enjoying your blog as well, and will be adding it to my own blog roll. Everyone please check Kris’s work out, she is amazing. And if I ever see another snow bank again, it will be too soon, Kris…OMG, I don’t know if snowy climates are for me at all!!! And it’s snowing more as I type, argh. 🙂


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