Thoughts on Memories and Spiritual Partnership

Good Monday to you all.
Before we begin, I’d like to start with a couple of quotes (per usual).
“Life is all memory, except for the present moment that goes by so quick you hardly catch it going.”
Tennessee Williams
“We believe that the possibility of the future far exceeds the accomplishment of the past. We review the past with the common sense, but we anticipate the future with transcendental senses. In our sanest moments we find ourselves naturally expecting or prepared for far greater changes than any which we have experienced within the period of distinct memory, only to be paralleled by experiences which are forgotten.”
~Henry David Thoreau
The authentic self is the best part of a human being. It’s the part of you that already cares, that is already passionate about evolution. When your authentic self miraculously awakens and becomes stronger than your ego, then you will truly begin to make a difference in this world. You will literally enter into a partnership with the creative principle.
~Andrew Choen
Everyone recognizes to some extent the type that each is drawn to and they intuitively feel each other’s polarity, mentally and physically. Such types naturally gravitate to and recognize each other, so that out of any hundred people, ninety-nine might have no mental or sex appeal for each other – while the hundredth would. All humans should seek the type which corresponds to their own electric wave length. When types so find each other, they will be as perfectly balanced as sodium and chlorine, and the union should be enduring. It is a common saying that people should marry their opposites. Nothing could be more contrary to universal law than this statement. Everywhere in Nature, like attracts like. This is fundamental. Opposites repel each other. Opposites in temperament and physical patterns invite discord, infidelity and mutual degradation. Matrimonial mismating unbalances the blood stream just as certainly as promiscuous mismating unbalances it.
~Walter Russell
OK, here we go.
So Mate Man and I talk all the time. I mean we chat, we analyze, we problem solve, we say things that ride on our hearts when we need to. We don’t fight, we solve. We talk it out with respect and rules of engagement, if there is a discourse in our lives. It’s been this way from the beginning.
My favorite activity in the world is to be able to sit and talk with Mate Man.
So the other day, we were sitting on the back porch, late day, watching the sun set (another of our favorite things to do together, we do it daily, we also watch it rise together when we can, work schedules permitting)
and just chatting along. We started in on our ages. He’s 41 and I am 38.
We were talking about the world around us, and what we have seen in our lifetimes thus far. What followed was a conversation that lasted the next three hours in spurts, had our kids looking at each other like “Oh lord here they go again” and only ended because we fell asleep, still talking.
We were talking about the inventions, social changes and political shifts we have seen or remember happening.
Here is a short (very short) list of some of the things we have seen in this life so far:
Personal Home Computers and the Internet
cassette tapes
shag carpets
designer drugs
pocket calculators
cable TV (I skipped school to watch the launch of MTV, it was great)
tampons and self stick pads
car seats
all wheel drive and disc brakes
seat belts in all cars standard
digital cameras
digital watches
touch tones phones
cell phones
2 liter bottles
automatic ice makers
microwave ovens
Ron Popiel
Vietnam and Nixon
We have never known sex without STD’s and AIDS
Planned Parenthood
The Artificial Heart
The first space shuttle launch & I watched Challenger blow up right in the sky above me.
Star Wars
Close Encounters
Stephen King
Sci-Fi (really getting big in writing and pop culture)
Snow Boarding
The Berlin Wall came down
Tienanmen Square
The Cuban missile crisis (ending)
The woman’s movement
Dr. Ruth
Wendy’s “where’s the Beef” ad campaign
Gay Pride/Stonewall
The Human Genome project
The riots in California
Ronald Regan’s assignation attempt
The hostages held on a plane in Iran
The end of the cold war
The end of the U.S.S.R.
The space station
The Hubble telescope
Nelson Mandela being released from prison
Margret Thatcher
roller blades
Ok, so that’s enough for you to get the picture.
The whole thing was too much fun I tell you. And for the rest of the weekend, I just felt lucky to be alive and happy to have found my Mate Man to share this life with.
I know that I am a better person because he came along and wanted to love someone, not just anyone…me. I had to learn how to love and give love. I had to learn not to lie. He had to learn how to deal with love that was unconditional and unconventional. He had to learn he was lovable.
It’s been good for both of us lost souls to find each other and grow this life we share. It’s healed so many of the painful spots I had blackening my spirit.
Today I am grateful for the life I have had, good and bad.
And I love my Man. *sigh*
I hope you all have a great Monday…I am off to work on a new sketchbook project, the theme is love. I am making two of them and they will be displayed at the Darklight Gallery in February. I thought that because I am feeling so lovely inside now would be the right time to work on them, energy wise.
Love to all,
Scroll down and see my two new works!


  1. Cynthia
    October 22, 2007

    What a lovely post, Heather and quite a tribute to your guy and testament to your relationship! I hope he reads this…

  2. Anonymous
    October 22, 2007

    I am so glad you have the love you have searched for all your life. Good luck and keep it going.

  3. Pavel
    October 23, 2007

    I can imagine how satisfying it must have felt to have someone to talk to, really talk to and experience life with, and here’s to a lifetime of that with your mate man!

  4. HMBT
    October 23, 2007

    Thanks all! I just get so overwhelmed with my own good luck sometimes I have to spill the beans. After a life of no love, I feel blessed to have my cup running over…and it’s been over 12 years we have been together. I know what love is now…and I am free.

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