Sunday down home in the Bluegrass

Good Sunday to you all.
Isn’t that vintage image just…cute?
It’s from my Davis sampler last week.
Anyhoo…I do have a reason for writing this morning.
Here it goes,
Last we saw of BAD! Kitty she was in her studio, swearing at the gods…and committing acts of focus and resolve. Shortly there after followed by the dreaded death of all creative thought…what-so-ever.
We will now find out what happens when you try to put a kitty in a cage and then throw her in the river.
She will drown…come on…let’s be real here.
I was talking to Mate Man this morning while we were drinking coffee, listening to the birds wake up, and watching the sun rise. Sans kids…equals a little bit of heaven on earth.
I was trying to ask him meaningful questions about this “focus group” thing. I don’t like having to do something. I don’t want to do as I “should”. I hate rules.
Does that make me a limited or bad person?
Mate Man: Honey, I don’t know. All I do know is that it’s more complicated than that. You don’t like rules, but you have a lot of rules you live by. They are Heather’s rules. No one can govern the world of Heather but Heather. In that world there are three, no maybe four rules that you must live by.
1. Heather makes the rules.
2. Heather makes the rules.
3. We don’t talk about the rules.
4. If in doubt refer to rule # 1.
Then he sits back and takes a drink of coffee.
That’s my Man.
Ok so if I make the rules, and I have faith that I am not an evil monster that is secretly eating live children or something….then Ok, I make the rules.
First rule with my work right now.
I don’t want to focus. Period.
I want to do my thing and try to be mindful about my form, technique. I want to pay attention to what feels good. I want to feel good when I work. I want to feel sexy, alive and slightly naughty. I want to have a sense of humor. I want to laugh and dance while I paint in my pj’s. I want to keep finding out what I like and what I am drawn to learning and exploring. I want to only focus on my technique. I want to do what I want to do. I am not making art to make a living. I work a hard ass day job for that money. My art is all about having the freedom to do whatever I want to do. Will that hurt me professionally? Maybe…maybe not. Depends on if my consistency shows through…depends on the economy, depends on what breaks I get, what breaks I make and or take advantage of. It means living with my intuition and not against it. It’s having faith that no matter what happens or does not happen…I will have laughed and loved and played and been responsible, if only in this one area of my human life, to just myself. My sacred playground and place of learning.
I create my own world. It’s a good thing. I like it.
So, no more with the rules and so on. I’m done with that. I will just be mindful of what I do, and work with my gut feelings about what form that creation will take and just let it freaking be…for pities sake.
Ok, spewing over.
Ahhhh, that feels better.
Back to regular life…the one that has never been in a box and isn’t going to start now. Can’t that act of committing to not living the status quo be an act of commitment too? I don’t want to retreat from reality or society at all…I just don’t want to live a life where you do things because that’s the way it has been done for the last forever. I didn’t go to art school, I didn’t pick art as my life passion, it picked me up along the way. I am really the muse to it’s own life force. I didn’t get into this business to make me rich and famous…hell I started selling art because it was taking up room…to make space. I offered art door to door, because I had no idea that you couldn’t do that and be a real artist. I enjoy being a business person, I enjoy making money, spending money, using money. So I will continue to sell work in my time…no doubt. I don’t create for the sale. Even thinking about it ( creating art for the sale) makes my ass twitch. I want to live within this world and all it has to offer but not become a slave to it. Maybe I like it that way…yes in fact that suits me just fine.
OK, now I really am done spewing…whew.
Back to regular programming.
Enjoy your day.
with a whole heart and doing it my way.


  1. dinahmow
    October 16, 2007

    Now, here’s the deal…I copy and paste this post on my blog, giving you all credit.OK?Well, I might as well, ‘cos you’ve pretty much said what’s running around in my head.I just can’t kick-start my brain to get some new plates cut…sigh…About the only thing I can say I’ve found to be true is that the dance is more fun when you step to your own drum.(Actually, that’s one of the doll’s daily thoughts!)

  2. HMBT
    October 16, 2007

    Hey Dina! Cool beans…I am not alone in my unwillingness to be like everyone else. I don’t want to be like everyone else. Period.I think they call that trail blazing. Come on Dina…let’s take this path!

  3. BlueJude
    October 16, 2007

    I just love this post!! And the rule thing is too funny as my mate man would proably be right in agreement with your mate man!Good Spewing! Gave me a smile.

  4. Cynthia
    October 17, 2007

    Funny post Heather – but very thoughtful. I can just hear you thinking and mulling this over 1000 miles away!You know, I feel similarly, and I just now feel like my life is starting to take on some semblance of living it my way. Though it’s been a hard road to travel. I learn something new about myself and my art at every turn, switchback and fork in the road. You just never know until you try it.

  5. HMBT
    October 17, 2007

    Hey Peeps! I am still mulling and chewing on it Cynthia…more to come on that…I am sure. Just when I think its over…I keep on freaking thinking…I think this is a sickness.Blue…Glad to know you are smilling again! I know don’t rules just suck? *wicked grins*


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