If power was an illusion, wasn’t weakness necessarily one also? ~Bjould

(above) One of the hand made magnets from my
Good Monday all!
Here are some quotes to start the day off:


The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by obvious realities.
We need men and women who can dream of things that never were.
John F. Kennedy


If you break your neck, if you have nothing to eat, if your house is on fire, then you got a problem. Everything else is inconvenience.


The cross comes before the crown, and tomorrow is a Monday morning.

~C.S. Lewis


From my perspective of Higher Awareness, No one has the power to drive me crazy. In fact, people have stopped trying. They assume I can walk from here.

– Charlene (unknown submitter to Hay House newsletter’s Laugh Out Loud)
Oky-doky. Now where was I? Oh yes…Good Monday to you all.
I have had a busy weekend. We spent a lot of time cleaning house, (yuck) and cooking for the week (fun!)…and playing Sorry! the game with the boys. I know…I have a very glam life. Be jealous.
Let’s see I cooked: 2 Shepard pies, 6 quarts of bean and barley soup (known in this house as hamburger soup), 4 pints of hummus, Italian chicken with polenta, chopped a metric ton of fresh veggies (snacks and the hummus), twice baked potatoes, and a bunch of oatmeal cookies. Now…I don’t have to cook for at least a week. Everyone can grab what they want out of the freezer…warm it up…eat it and put the dish in the dishwasher. It’s really great. I’ve been doing the food thing for this family, like this for about 5 years now. It saves so much money, because there is no waste and everything gets used and eaten. It’s also pretty great because I love to cook, just not every freaking day.
For the four of us…I can feed us like royalty on about 350.00 per month.
It’s all good. I am thinking that this week I am going to make some mini-meatballs (I make them up and freeze them uncooked…then they can be added to all kinds of things quick and easy, taking about 7 minutes each to cook all the way through). The kids have been asking for pita bread personal pizzas…with meatballs. So, other than that I don’t plan to cook at all.
We got the whole house spiffed up…and now I can paint all week without guilt. UUuummm…we bought a new board game the old Sorry! game. We basically sat around trying to sabotage each other and exact our revenge…it was great. I never won even one stinking game though…I suck at revenge I guess.
Well…I am going to start a new work later this morning…and my only problem (see above quotes) is the what will I paint thing. I have two little canvases drying at the moment in the experiment phase…I took oils and thinned them down with Liquin and painted it over the top of gold leaf I had used matt medium to glue down…then I made a random pattern with masking fluid (for watercolors) on top of the gold and then painted more of the thinned down oils over the top. I repeated that a couple of times…and I did the same thing with acrylics on another little canvas. The liquin has made the masking fluid sticky on the oil one…which I removed and then had to wash the canvas with a little terp to get the sticky off. I have not removed the masking fluid from the acrylic one yet…but I tested it yesterday and it’s not sticky. Both seem to have worked…I just don’t know what I plan to do with the information yet. Adventure time…we shall see.
Well, I have a busy day ahead with the day job (life coaching) and a big ol’ white canvas on the easel…mocking me…so I had better get to it.
Love to all,


  1. Cynthia
    October 1, 2007

    Love the JFK quote – I might have to print that one out for myself!Wow, $350 a month for a family of 4? I’m lucky to get by with $125.00 a week for 3 + dog. And, I thought I was thrifty.We love Sorry! and play it a few times a month. HOpe you have a good week,Cynthia

  2. HMBT
    October 1, 2007

    I know that JFK quote is one of my fav’s! Sorry! is a game of revenge…I just don’t get it I guess! But I love it, for sure!As far as the money for food…yep it changes the way that you look at food. You make a list of things needed for each recipe, there is no waste, and everyone eats all the food…the waste is the most costly part of food in feeding a family. If there is no waste then there is less money spent! Wonderful…really. Waste is the biggest cost of food. If all you have to do is throw a salad together then dinner isn’t a big deal, and it costs less to make.I needed to cut costs…so I developed this type of eating for our family and now I save a ton of freaking money every month and every one gets what they want for dinner. It works great. Also Mate Man takes them for lunches…which makes for more savings…and let’s all the grrrls at the office know that my man is taken care of…can’t get much better than a home cooked meal from home…to let another grrrl know that this man…is loved and taken care of! Mate Man is a medical manager…lot’s of grrrls around and just a few men…I gotta protect my Mate Man! Hahahahaha!

  3. Kathy Holmes
    October 4, 2007

    Can you come on over to my kitchen and fill it with these goodies? Sounds like a great idea. Will have to give it a try – although we kinda like to warm up the kitchen cooking every night. Still getting used to the “wintry” weather we’re having so early this year after living in Florida.


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