Better World Books= Book Heaven

UPDATE! I now have a 20% off coupon for all of you to use too! (Keep Reading)

Free Shipping in the USA, $2.97 Shipping worldwide

BAD! Kitty Hot Tip!
So… this is my favorite book provider, the secret is out. I go to Better World Books with $20.00 bucks in my pocket, find any book, and I do mean any book…and get free shipping every single time, and still have enough left over for a cup of joe!
No coupons…no special codes…no waiting, just great books at a great price, every time. I love this bookstore, and I thought you might like to know about it too.
Check it out.
I also love Better World Books because they are a company that walks the walk…they Fund Literacy, Care for the Environment, and YOU get a Fair Price on the Books You Want. Better World Books is the socially conscious consumer’s bookstore of choice.
As a company they have my vote.
Stop by, you know you have a list of books you’ve been meaning to pick up…we all do…you can even look through their over 2 million, in stock, used and out of print books…aaaahhhh, can we say BAD! Kitty heaven?
Just hit the link and check it out, I also put a banner in my sidebar…(for when you need it later on. 🙂
I just bought these books today:
Bloodchild and Other Stories-Octavia Butler (Yippee a new Octavia book…it’s mine I say!)
The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide by Douglas Adams (I know I can’t believe that I have not read this yet either)
The Crystal City: The Tales of Alvin Maker,
Volume VI (Alvin Maker) by Orson Scott Card (OOOh, can’t wait I love this series!)
The Best Science Fiction of the 20th Century
by Orson Card (Fun!!! a whole book of greats!)
all for less than $30.00 bucks and Free Shipping!
WOOT! Read on fellow bookies…read on.
This coupon code is for 20% off any new or used book at from now through August 3rd.
Here is the coupon code YOU will need:
Now what can be better? Just find ANY book you want, get 20% off, free shipping and donate to several great charities all at the same time.
Who loves you baby?
Me, silly!
My books I bought yesterday where from the sale…and will be helping send books to Africa and supporting a children’s literacy fund!
On your mark, get set…GO Read!

Free Shipping in the USA, $2.97 Shipping worldwide

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