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Quote for the day:

“In life it is possible merely to throw a heap of stones together, but this pile is not beautiful. We pyramid to the heights only when we lay stone on stone according to a beautiful plan. If we have no faith in the principles with which we build life, we are defeated.”
~W. N. Thomas

Yesterday was a bang up, doin’ some bid-ness, up in here…kind of day.

We took in three of my works to a new uber Pro photographer. I am so excited to get the photos back today…and see what magic she was able to create. She showed me some of the slides of artworks she has created…they look so good. So…locals…if you need a fine art photographer, check out M.S. Rezny Photography. I will post the pictures when I get back from her place later today. One is of an artwork that has yet to ever be published…because it’s huge, and because it’s a plaster on canvas work that is really hard to take a picture of, without the bazillion lights and know how. I am so happy to have gotten it done.

Recently I had a professional of another sort give me some great feedback…a professional web designer and artist, his names Mark. Anyway…he was telling me he loved my work…he thought he did anyway…he could tell in some pictures what my work may look like in real life…but the pictures were too bad to really see. He suggested that I get my work professionally shot before getting them on the site. His implication was simple: I am not going to get it done right, even though I have a great camera…for whatever reason…I need to give up with trying to do everything myself, just to save a buck.

The fact is…if a person, patron or gallery is looking at my web site portfolio (which is what it is…)

I can’t expect for them to care enough to bother with squinting or other imaginative acrobatics to fill in the blanks about my work. They just won’t bother. Before we moved, I was getting most of my on site photo’s taken by a pro…so that I could someday offer prints and for archival reasons too. The by product was that I also had a super fantastic picture to put up on the web.

The best by-product by far was that I was selling a crap load of work…all the time.

I have not done that in about 9 months now…and I have to admit that it’s been almost nice not selling a lot of work all the time, because it’s allowed me to stock up again as far as inventory goes. The by product of not having great pictures? No sales…almost a flat line. So, is it worth it to have the best picture of your work possible to really post and share with the world…and is it worth it to have a easy to navigate, clean web site?

Hell to the Yes it is.

Just in the week that I have had the new site up…and it’s not done yet…it’s a work in progress…more code to come I am afraid….my visits have tripled (x3!), and I have two new possible clients…one with a commission! I also have been sending out weekly ( I have a number goal to meet every week on these…I always meet it…grrrr) of Artist Review Requests to galleries all over the country…and International too. Most of the time I hear nothing at all back…20% of the time I get a rejection email, 1% of the time I get an interested party, and it leads to something. When I changed over the site, after editing out all the really bad pictures, only putting back into the site the works I had really pretty good pictures of, I have had three new galleries be interested in talking some more.


Editing is the key to a happy life.

So, all you artists buddies of mine out there…*waves hi!*…get your stuff photographed by a pro, keep your web sites neat and clean, with only your best pictures of stuff up, and write in your blogs as often as possible….you don’t have to say a lot or anything…but in the online world…which is increasingly becoming a very real part of all our real worlds…take advantage of the one golden rule in online fame and fortune….Quality Content is KING.

I enjoyed four years of continued growth with this principle…then I tried it without it. Trust me…Content is king.

La, La, La…I am off to continue to run down my dream…

what are you doing today that is intention manifestation?

What are you building today?

May the world be a comforting place for you today,


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  1. BlueJude
    May 18, 2007

    I am doing nothing arty today at all! As laundry and housework beckons. And then perhaps I’ll have a nice summer drink! Cheers and Happy Friday to you!


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