A Stone Girl Dancing

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Stones…rocks, pebbles…gravel.
A stone girl is dancing…that’s what I woke up with on my mind.
A stone girl dancing.
Recently I had an opportunity to pack up my life into another series of brown boxes.
I say opportunity because even though moving is never easy in the best of situations…this one in particular was emotionally charged and risky financially.
So…that’s not what I was thinking about…in particular…what I was thinking about was my rock collection.
(which come to think of it needs to be moved again…that will require the dolly and Mate Man, hhmmm)
I collect a few things…books are my number one OCD, but there are rocks too. (And books about rocks, aaaiiiee sometimes it would just be better on the old back if I collected cotton balls or navel fluff)
I have this little thing…I pick up a rock in just about every place I spend any time…sometimes I pick something up because I remember to do it, to mark an event or a moment or place. Some the best ones have been picked up without thinking…at all, it’s a quirk from childhood. I have this one mini bolder (mate man’s words because he has to pick it up and move it around) of rose quartz, it was collected on a baking hot summer day in the early 90’s.
At a time when broke wasn’t even a good description of my situation at the time…and we got invited (Oldest child and I) to join a family vacation of a friend of mine…and we said “hell Yes!” well I did anyway (oldest was only 4 or 5 at the time, but a plucky kind of kid…game for just about anything) Anyway we went rock hunting…that was the trip, walking around in very old growth forests all day looking for crystals laying on the ground or by creeks. As they raced, full and fat from the thaw through the heavy green mist of the trees
and the burn your ass to a crisp meadows and plains we crossed.
We looked at wildlife and hiked and slept and did it again for 3-4 days. It was great. I came home with a ton of stuff.
( really it was a lot of crystal and cool rocks and wood)
I never actually mined into any earth just looking around and finding the coolest stuff laying around. Anyway one of the things that I ended up with was this mini bolder of rose quartz…it is about 18 pounds…but still…we had hiked for 3 days…we had to hike out too…and I insisted that I had to have it, and I carried, rolled, and eventually made a little sled for it…but against all odds…I managed to get it home, the whole time everyone was picking on me and giving me grief for being hardheaded. (this was good natured and funny)
It sits right by the front door…some of the small ones that I have kept
(Note: a rock collection is only successful as a long term thing if you are good at editing) sit along the windowsills in the house.
The thing is this…I have gravel from the Tampa International Airport and a couple of shells from the Bay…to remind me of times in Florida…and this little polished stone that I keep in a silver box from the first time I took Oldest child to see the Pacific Coast.
A lump of petrified redwood from that camping trip, a little black river rock from I have no idea but I like the shape of it, geodes that we have not cracked open to see if they hold magic inside, and coral from a trip I took as a child to Indian Shores beach. A few from Mississippi, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming…you get the idea.
Tales of personal conquest, joy, being immersed in the natural world, moments too precious for pictures to capture…and times to forget for peace of mind.
I carry the rocks around rather than pictures and movies
( I have a fair amount of those too) because of the weight of them. They are solid little masses that explain things much better than images ever could.
For me at least…
I think I get it…
Somewhere a Stone girl is dancing…
What in your most recent past has jogged something internal…profound even…what was your latest “Ah-Ha!” moment?
I’d love to know.
Ahhhhh, I feel so much better now that is on the outside of my brain…
clarity for a Saturday workday…now to figure where do I want Mate Man to put the box of rocks this time, and a handy philosophical reason and answer to the question that will come when I make my request…” why do you need to keep all these rocks again?”
I rock.
Nice huh?
Have a good day,


  1. Zoey
    April 29, 2007

    Hi! Good Morning and I’ve missed you tones! Great post…I LOVE rocks too, but unlike you, I don’t collect them because I don’t want to have to move them…lol. I hope life is treating you well and HUGS! Just popping by quickly, as I have a busy day ahead of me yet again…trying to fit some blogging time into my day before I have to work.Talk soon!

  2. Cynthia
    April 29, 2007

    Please don’t start collecting navel fluff, that would be just too darn weird. Unless of course it was in the shape of the Virgin Mary or something-then we’ll see you on Jay Leno.I love rocks too. When we left Maine to move to Colorado, I brought along some rocks from the Maine shore that sit in a very lovely ceramic bowl.

  3. G
    April 30, 2007

    I have very fond memories of my family’s summers we spend in Montauk out on the tip of Long Island, NY and the rocks that we collect while there. I would have hauled the rose quartz too.

  4. HMBT
    April 30, 2007

    ZoeY! Cool beans you were able to have a moment to yourself! Woot. :)Cynthia:OK, only navel fluff if it’s shaped as a saint…sheesh, I better start plying the lottery. :)G:Thanks for stopping by…I am glad to find that I am not alone in the collection of rocks and memories.


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