I did it…I started a Myspace page…

OK, so I went ahead and joined MySpace…I figured what the heck, I might even get to meet some locals to make friends with. (that would so rock…having friends of the fleshy variety) So if you are so inclined you can now find me on Myspace too:

check it out and add me if we are already blog buddies! OK enough about that.

In other news I am working with a much lower client load today which means I will be able to work on my new painting (pictured above) I have already painted in the birds and am going to dive in and work on her dress and my trees for the background. I have decided to not put in the school house and a lot of the other details because I like her face and want that to be the focus of the work. She has old eyes…seems she has seen quite a bit of the world and life…and I like that about her…she’s…Worldly.

So I hope everyone has a great day, I’ll post pictures of the work later on so stay tuned.

Over and out. BAD! Kitty has left the building.


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