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By: Marelin Thorton
“Swooping In On A Swell of Sales”
How do I attract a never-ending swell of sales?
“First of all you want to begin with allowing that there might not always be a never-ending swell of sales. Those that can do this are usually those who come to experience never-ending swells of sales. Why is this you might ask?
It is because they ask and let go, not expecting anything to come. And this is not the easiest thing to do if you NEED sales to survive. This is something that can get the best of you from attracting all you desire.
If you are dependent on sales, it can set up resistance that keeps them from coming. That is why so many new businesses’ that start out with excitement and enthusiasm never make it. They are forced to go out of business because they can’t “make it” happen.
When they try to make it happen under pressure, it flattens the whole business bubble.
If sales start to slow down or never seem to get started, it sets off an energetic attraction that closes down or pinches off the flow of more money.
Then they are forced to close the doors because of the pinch they are in, feeling that their energy force has been cut off.
I am making light of this, but sales cannot come when you are feeling weighed down.
You have to fill fulfilled, a swelling up of if you will, of what you want, rather than bursting your business bubble by paying attention to less sales than you would like.
The energy is never-ending, and so is the flow of money and sales.
If you look at a company like Coca-Cola, that was at one time just an idea in mind, you can surely see that there’s no end in sight of sales. They have their sails wide open to receive, and the winds take them to one sale after another.
They literally pick up a swell of wind, and it carries them onto the next sale, easily and effortlessly. If you could see that you have a relationship with sales, and love the relationship you are in, the sales cannot help but thrive.
It is when you strive to pick up more sales, that you take the wind out of your sails.
You see things die down like the wind when sailing, and rather than know they will pick up again,you go down in your vibration … And it can’t carry you the distance you want to go.
Imagine being so busy that you have to hire someone to help out.
Be as busy as a beehive in business, within, and you will see lots of honey in the form of money! These are the questions you want to ask yourself.
Are you staying in the business as it is … Or like it is in your new reality?
Are you taking yourself into a new reality so you can get there, or are you going there because that is where you were headed anyway, before you felt the need to drum up some business?
If you want to see a swell of sales, get full of yourself making sales. Imagine that you are swelling up to the point of popping you are so busy.
See a time when you say to yourself: I could sure use a break, because I AM on sales over load.
The more you can place yourself in a reality that takes you out and through where you are, the better.
Make it as much fun as possible all while making it believable.
For example: Sit at your desk, imagining speaking with someone on the phone that wants to get a discount on quantity.
Have a sales meeting with your future employees.
Or imagine for instance that you have outgrown your office.
You want to imagine things that will allow energy to give you a swell of never-ending sales.
The reality you want to be in must believed before you get there.
That is how you get there.
Do anything you can do to put yourself in the vibrational frequency that sets up conditions that bring change!
If you are seeing that things are as they are, the energy that creates all things cannot take you to any other place than right where you are!
So you can see why we would encourage you to play with the idea of what you would be doing in big business, because BIG business is definitely where never-ending swells of sales come from! You want to swoop into the reality that goes along with never-ending sales. And where you are is not that reality, so you want to shift the energy by taking the energy to a different place.
If you want something different, you have to be different, because nothing can come to you other than through you!
Swoop down upon your new reality when you might feel down about the reality you are living.
That will bring your feelings or spirits back up to speed with more sales. When you swoop down upon and into your new reality, get the feeling that this is where you are. That sends a message that brings more sales.
Now if you find that you are doing this swooping to get the sales you see you are without, then go back in and see that you are within that reality.
This is the reality you are in, within. You are not doing the swooping to get something because YOU ARE that something.
You see?
It is a slight shift of energy, but it only takes a little shift of energy to move things into a new reality … Because it is so powerful! You want to get busy birthing your new reality so that you can bring forth new life.
Just because that is what you want! Not because you NEED the sales. If you can understand the difference in what was just said, it will make all the difference in your never-ending swell of sales reality.


Ready. Set. Go.



  1. BlueJude
    April 3, 2007

    This is a most profound post! So much so, I have bookmarked it! It sounds a lot like the whole Law Of Attraction thing, which I personally think has a lot of validity, though not always easy to put into practice. Certainly a good reminder and a good message for me to day. And very well put on your part. Do you hear the applause from bluejude? lol

  2. Kathy Holmes
    April 3, 2007

    Absolutely brilliant! It’s so true. In my words, when I feel “needy” about something, it is so elusive. But as soon as I detach from something, then it appears.


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