Seven Songs to Die For- A music meme

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
I got Tagged again by my buddy
jchevais for a music meme…
so this is gonna be like walking around naked
but what the hell…here we go.
The idea is that we have to name seven songs that we are currently listening to…I have this huge list of music on my real player in my computer and at the moment it’s the only music I get to listen to (outside of the car) is on the computer (I have kick ass speakers…and it lives in the studio with me, so it’s perfect I never have to listen to what anyone else wants to hear) we don’t even own a stereo and I have never had an MP3 player…so I am just going to list my favorite tracks from my list…I made the list myself so…there…shut up.
1. Fergalicious – Fergi (solo from the black eyed peas) -The Dutchess
2. Outside – Stained
3. I hate everything about you – Ugly Kid Joe
4. Bad Reputation -Joan Jett
5. Wind it up-Gwen Stafani
6. Beverley Hills – Weezer
7. Pass that Dutch – Missy Elliot
There…those are the top seven…but to be totally honest the 8th track is one of my current most fav’s right now and I have been starting my day with it for about two weeks now…
CandyMan – Christina A.
followed by -This ain’t a Scene, it’s an Arms Race -The Fall Out Boys.
Ok that’s really it.
I have like 20 playlists…this is my pump it up and shake it around playlist…I think playlists are too much fun to make and I have really varied tastes in music…really I am not shitting you, I always have.
So this one playlist really only shows you the shake what your mama gave you side…so I am not walking around totally nude…just in a really short skirt and knee high black leather boots.
That wasn’t so bad…I am not tagging anyone else…if you feel so inclined to tag yourself then…let us know here and I’ll link up with you.
In other news…I dropped off the artwork for the show yesterday. It’s going to look soooo good hanging, the opening night is April 12th. I am hoping for some major sales. Fingers crossed on that one.
Let’s see…I was looking at summer camps for the kids yesterday and found some that might work…they are day camps, not the sleepover kind, I couldn’t stand the boys being gone for weeks at a time, I am not ready for that and don’t know that I ever will be. I also signed up for two juried art shows that happen later in the year and that are really well known nationally…now I have to find a professional photographer to make some slides for me so I can finish the entry…they don’t cost to enter, and for me that’s the Hallmark of a real show. They are also judged by Art museum curators…OOOhhhh…scary. πŸ™‚ I love it.
The job is going gang busters, I am busy like crazy with that.
I have been trying to draw in my journal lately, but it’s not been real productive because my brain is tired from all the coaching work. I did find a couple of doodles that I want to paint…so I am going to try and transfer them onto the two remaining canvases I have left…as soon as I finish with this post…that I am writing at 5:00 am right now because I have to have more me time…argh!
So, off I go…crack that whip.
Have a good one all.
Go buy some art already!


  1. BlueJude
    March 30, 2007

    Cool meme. And how faboo are you with all that show stuff!Summer camp….ahhh well, I always liked havin’ my kids home during summer too. Couldn’t bear to have them at sleep away. Anyhooo… I wish you all good things with your art and shows!! Expect the will happen, you deserve it!

  2. jchevais
    March 30, 2007

    hooray! cool list. Good luck with your show… and painting at 5 am. Gads. That. is motivation.

  3. HMBT
    March 31, 2007

    Blue Jude: Yeah I am not ready for sleepover camps…the boys keep telling me they can do it and want too…but noway…I am not budging on that one. Anyway they cost a freaking fortune and I don’t have that kind of money. Thanks for the kind words of support, I really appreciate it.jcevais: Thanks! The painting I started yesterday is crap! I mean I am obviously going to need some more time in the adjustment pahse before good work starts happening agian…but at least started something and I am trying to work through it…that’s what counts. πŸ™‚


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