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The deepest-lying and most pervasive part of character is disposition: it accompanies us everywhere, and shows itself in all we do. It is the attitude of the soul toward life, the way in which we accept our situation and our daily experiences. On the inner side it gives color and tone to our own conscious life: on the outer side it pervades and modifies our conduct toward others and our reactions to events. A good disposition is indispensable to good character, though of course not all of character; without it one cannot hope for perfection; even with it one may fail through lack of higher elements. It is a sort of foundation layer.
~Edward O. Sisson


Today I start a new day job, one that holds promise to help pay the bills and be of service to my fellow humans. Being a life coach I am always trying how to figure out how to pay the bills, manage my art life and find new clients to keep the whole thing going. I am a good coach…people don’t need my services forever, I help them get on track, find passions and inroads to their success, set and keep healthy goals, better their communication skills and feel better about being in the moment. They feel better usually pretty quick and don’t need me every week anymore…that’s how I know I am good…my clients see results.

I have recently been offered an opportunity to work with a large company that will help to provide a steady stream of new clients. I just have to be the best I can be and take the appointments, and use my talents to help others be the best they can be. The beauty is that I can still paint while I do this.

So, I am a little nervous about the new job but also excited to use my talents as an Intuitive Life Coach to serve a greater good, and make some money at the same time. I have a new painting on the easel as well…so I can paint while I go along and hopefully have something to share on the art front tomorrow.

Busy, busy…and trying to think about my thinking in relation to my new works. I have spent too much time over the past couple of days telling myself the two new paintings were too much fun and too easy to have any value. I didn’t have to sweat it out or agonize over every step…I just had some fun and didn’t think too much…so can they be any good? The answer is up to me of course, they are good if they were satisfying to create, I enjoyed the process, and they are good works at the end of the work day. They fit into all three slots…so that means I can get off my own back and enjoy this muse while it is here. Not all art has to be a form of torture and anguish. I can have fun and it still be worth something, it can still have meaning.

I can coach myself as well…in other words.

Be kind to yourselves today, count your blessings, and

buy some art! 🙂

My mantra for today:

One expanded and encompassing thought could change my life today.



  1. jafabrit
    March 26, 2007

    You job sounds wonderful, sending my best.As for the dismissing of your work because it seemed to come too easy. I have done the same and it really is naughty to think that way. All our art training and experience goes into a painting. It may have taken 5 minutes to do but it has taken a lifetime to get there.lecture over, jafabrit signing off 🙂

  2. HMBT
    March 26, 2007

    Thanks jafabrit…I needed that! And she does a double back flip off the soapbox…*Grins*

  3. BlueJude
    March 26, 2007

    The new paintings are fabulous!! And I think that the joy and fun you had in creating them….shines through and makes them MORE worthwhile!Congrats and Good Luck on the new position!


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