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Quote for the day


Two amateur artists were asked to paint something depicting “peace.”

On the appointed day, both artists brought their paintings to be shown.

One picture was of a quiet, rippleless lake.

Here indeed was peace as seen by an artist.

The other painting showed a gnarled tree standing on the precipice in a rugged canyon.

Nearby was a thundering waterfall, and the river dashed on, angrily below.

In the tree, near her nest, a bird was perched, singing above the clamor of the torrent of the water below.

A sudden change in the wind could bring disaster to the frail limb upon which the bird and her nest were located.

But instinctively she knew that if that happened, she and her young ones could use their wings and mount to the sky.

Yes, the two artists had fulfilled what they had been asked to do.

One painted a scene depicting the quiet beauty of peace.

The other had seen the majestic splendor that accompanies inner peace.

I started the new work…and have no idea where it is going.
I don’t have clue one as to what I am trying to say with it.
I have no notion as to what it will end up being.
I started it with no direction.
I have no story to tell, it’s just a
relaxing jaunt through my colorful but tired mind.
I have no plan.
I don’t know where it will end.
I don’t know if it will even be any good when I am done.
I don’t care if it’s good or if it stinks.
I am lost.
Isn’t that exciting?
I am off to discover,
what I mean to say.


  1. BlueJude
    March 8, 2007

    Wish I felt that way when I’m feeling lost. Usually it just frustrates the heck out of me! lolI love your writing. Cool, insightful and interesting!

  2. The Lone Beader
    March 8, 2007

    For me, creating is peace=:)


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