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Quote(s) for the work day…

Ineffective people live day after day with unused potential.
They experience synergy only in small, peripheral ways in their lives.
But creative experiences can be produced regularly,
consistently, almost daily in people’s lives.
It requires enormous personal security
and openness
and a spirit
of adventure.

~Stephen Covey
So…I fought the white canvas ( I said to it…”come on you white bastard, bring it!”) and won yesterday. Ending up with a wildly deep red and an extremely cool texture for a background…(kind of funny, really…I was in a battle and painted it all in red… dontcha think? I still have blood red fingers from all my fighting back the whiteness yesterday…and I like them…proof of my victory…OK I am a little morbid today) As soon as the sun rises up I’ll take some shots of it to share here.
I started with no plan, as promised, and I feel really good about the results so far…I love the migrating reds…it’s one of the few colors I have left in abundance and one of my favorites to boot so I had fun working in an all RED world yesterday.
My spirit of adventure is alive and kicking. (ass)
I did find some gold powders the other day, I have just a touch left in the bottom a jar so I am going to play around with that today on this work and see what happens. Personal security…aaahhhh it feels so fine.
In other news…the kids have already started marking off the days left in school…OY! As if the count down to summer madness is a good thing…as if!
I finally got around to making a birthday cake for Mate Man’s birthday…it was at the top of the month…but we were broke and didn’t really celebrate it this year…well we did, but it was a private celebration…just for grown-ups…tee-hehe.
So, I got out the big book of recipes and made a cake yesterday…it turned out super rich and yummy…today my tummy is still mad as hell with me for eating all that sugar…I don’t tolerate the sweets like I used too…before the illness. But Man do I still love me some homemade chocolate cake!
I am off to work like a crazy lady for the rest of the day…the final countdown starts today on the gallery show…just four weeks left to deliver 15 new works…officially I have five done…whew, that’s a load off *insert sarcasm here*…only ten more to go in actually just a little under 3.5 weeks time (drying time, framing/hanging, documenting and papering each one and so on takes a lot of time, dontcha know)
so…I better get busy and burn rubber on my day here. More later with the new work pics…
Love to all,
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(For the love of art…buy some of my work!)
(uummm, please and thank you)
Oh yeah…PS. a BIG BAD! Kitty thank you to everyone for the words of encouragement yesterday about the new works…I appreciate your kindness and time more than words can say!

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