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Tales of night time escapes….
Last night I had crazy dreams.
I mean like really whacked out crazy dreams.
I found myself in Egypt, and the whole dream was backed up by the soundtrack to Indiana Jones…anyway, my mission was to bring trees to the desert. I had this cool belt on that held hundreds of little zip-lock snack size bags. In each were freeze dried trees. I went around with a canteen of water dropping water into the bags and watching the trees bust out of their little capsules with leaves and roots they even had fruit and nuts already on the branches. The biggest problem I had was there wasn’t any good black soil around to plant them in…so I kept trying with all my might to find potting soil amongst the vendors at the street market. I also had to do a rescue mission for my friends who had been trapped under an oil tanker ship that was caught in the shallows of the bay and had pinned my friends under the back of the ship while they were fishing for a dinner of eels.
Good thing I had freeze dried trees…I kept telling myself, because I sprouted a few of those bad boys and used them to lever my friends out from under the ship’s back-end, I also blew it up when everyone was free…with some tiny little hand grenades I had in my back pocket…funny thing was I had set up before hand to have the shallow part of the sea drained so that the spilled oil could be cleaned up with my extra roll of bounty paper towels I had brought along too, I was keeping those under my hat.
I also had to use my handy whip several times to cross huge open pits in the ground where large googly eyed alligators lived and they kept calling to me as I sailed over their heads that all they wanted was a rump roast and some toothpicks.
Then I woke up with grit in my teeth and sand in my shoes.
I was sore all over and went into the kitchen and pulled out some blood oranges to make breakfast, but when I started squeezing them they had bright blue juice instead of red orange, and I threw them out the window into a cave that housed our pet woolly mammoth who liked to eat our vegetable scraps…and kept asking me for a soy ice cream banana split for dessert.
Then the alarm went off and I really woke up.
Whew…it was a busy night in dream land…I need a vacation and hazard pay.
Have a great day,
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  1. Donna Ridgway
    February 24, 2007

    Hi Heather,Inside of me, there’s a person who wants to live like this! 🙂 I loved your dream. You could submit it to, the kids would love it too. maybe you all ready have….I’m off to see all your art now.Fellow artist, Donna.


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