Another New Work in Progress

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Another New Work In Progress
This is a new one too…the background anyway.
It’s a Super big one too, 30″ X 50″.
All oils.
I am going to do a really cool figure on top of it.
I like the movement in this one, and the colors turned out nice too.
Let me know what you think.
In other news…I don’t have any.
My life as of late has been chores and working in the studio…basically I am about as boring as you can get these days and still be considered upright and human.
All I have been thinking about is how to make some extra money to buy more canvas, paint and some paint knives (because mine got lost somewhere, ARGH!)
so I can continue to finish the work for this showing…and working with what I have in creative ways to get the most out of my current supplies.
So, nothing funny or charming or even interesting to really report, just me working like a crazy lady with now a deep cobalt blue stripe across my nose, (not a cute one across the bridge either, it’s on the side of my nose and cheek…ick!) because I swiped myself with oil paint on my hand, didn’t know it and it stained my skin…fun eh?
I look like I am going to clown school for painting…it is kinda funny.
Well…I am going to go get to work,
you all have a great day today.
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  1. Nairobi Paul
    February 22, 2007

    Beautiful, so far!Love to see the finished work…

  2. HMBT
    February 22, 2007

    Thank you so much Nairbi Paul. I apprecciate you stopping by and leaving a note. Please come back again soon!


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