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Quote for today…
A Few Rules for Life
� Stay in Tune with the Spirit.
� Take the Power.
� Act with Courage.
� Lean Into It.
� Anticipate and Plan.
� Act Successful . . . Be Successful.
� See the Broad Perspective.
� Take 100% Responsibility.
� Seek No Ego-Satisfaction.
� Keep Every Commitment.
� Be Always A Gentleman/Gentlewoman.
� Have The Majesty of Calmness.
� Forgive, Forget and Let It Roll Off.
� Radiate Happiness.
� Don’t Wobble.
~ C. Smith Sumner
I am so busy for the day today…and it all started at dawn.
I will post more later…for now, it’s a quick good morning to all.
These are my working quotes for the day,
to inspire and transform
the feelings of Aaiiiieeee, to Ahaaaaaa.
Love to all,
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  1. Cynthia
    February 19, 2007

    Love the quotes, very inspiring!

  2. Casey Kochmer
    February 20, 2007

    hey you :)its me!!how r u ? wot you been up to lately? Its been a while since I chatted with ya and you moved, started new lives, starting to plot words onto paper.I was wondering how it all spun about?Peace and loveCasey


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