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Post # 755! I thought I was still in the 400’s and surprised when I bothered to take a look and see just how far I have come over the past 4 years! I mean I have ranted, raved, marketed, shared, and told my story for that many posts and I have to say it feels great. I have learned so much about myself in this space and found some really dear friends in the process… can you tell I am feeling very happy today?
My kids are finally both well enough to return to school, and that is making me feel wonderful too…a whole day with no little ones around to distract me from artwork and internal dialogue, I feel free!
I am also feeling much better and super pumped about that fact, I practically jumped out of bed this morning to greet the dawn. I have worked on some collage stuff that has re-ignited the new work…exciting to re-capture the muse after the two weeks of drudgery and poopyness.
Today I will be working on the lay-out for a new canvas, and continuing the struggle to find and sort all my supplies into submission in the studio. I like working in the middle of a giant mess it seems, but because the studio space is much smaller now…it tends to get maze-like and hard to keep works in progress from getting messed up, so I am continuing the effort to organize the space into a creative inspirational environment.
Well, I guess that’s all to report this morning, I am going to share some new work here soon, as I got the good word yesterday that as long as I don’t share all the works going to the gallery show here, I can share a few of them…cool beans! I miss sharing the creative process with you all, and because I am cranking out a ton of work just for the show at the moment, I have not shared new work in so long…it’s getting on my last nerve, lemme tell ya.
So, check back here soon and let me know what you think about the new stuff…Fairy World is exploding all over the place and I am having fun again!
Be well today and share you love!
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Have a good one.
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  1. The Lone Beader
    February 15, 2007

    That’s a lot of posts! Also, thanks for the link. Stop by anytime=:)

  2. Kathy Holmes
    February 16, 2007

    Great, great visual!


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