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Have you had to amend a belief because it didn’t work for you? Do you have a personal bill of rights? I do…and here are some them. I look at them often to keep my bearings in this world. They also help me to keep the Art Pure!

Amendment One
No person or persons shall put you down or disparage you in any way. Detach instantly from negative comments or put-downs. Do not carry the words with you for they will rob you of your power. Let go of it all and step into peace.
Amendment Two
All persons have the freedom to explore any and all belief systems and practices, no matter how silly! We are all on a journey to find the truth for ourselves. That journey may take you around the world or right next door. Be led by your intuition and feed your curiosity. Your spirit will find its home if you let it.
Amendment Three
You have the right to a second chance, and so does everyone else. There is so much good in every person. Often, all it needs is a chance. Give everyone the opportunity to surprise and delight you. And most importantly, give yourself that chance.
Amendment Four
You have the right to forgive. If you really want to feel your freedom, forgive someone. Forgive someone you have been holding anger towards for years. Go ahead, you’ll never feel more free than to forgive.
Amendment Five
You have the right to love. Go where the love is. Walk away from places of strife and turmoil. If you are not safe to love to your fullest, look elsewhere! Your love is a powerful force and the more you give away, the more will return to you.
Amendment Six
You have the right to tap into the source. Look inside yourself and the entire universe is there. Change yourself and the world will change, too. You can reach for the source of everything and grow with it and because of it. You are the source. No one can take it from you.
These rights are self-evident. They are known because they are true. Give yourself every right to grow and expand in your consciousness and the rest will follow. And if you find your belief system isn’t giving you freedom and joy, then, make an amendment.
What are some of your amendments? What works for you and what in your personal system might be binding you? I would love to know, tell us here.
I will be back at the painting today…working hard to meet the deadlines. The work is coming along and I look forward to being able to share it with you all. I am still waiting for my agent to tell me if the new contract allows for the showing of the finished works here, before the opening. When I know the answer there will a lot of new work to share! ( I hope!) It’s so weird to be working so hard and not be able to just post my daily progress on each of these new works!
Well, I better get to my morning chores so I can be free for the rest of the day to live in the world of colour, tone, texture and creative insanity. Whew…hold on everyone, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!
Have a great Wednesday all,
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