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It’s easy to see other people’s faults and tell them what to do to improve, but the true work, the reason we’re here, is to see ourselves objectively and understand what we need to do to develop.
When we bump into something difficult we’re interacting with a frequency that’s part of the universe. So basically everything is good, even when it’s bad.
We always have the choice about how we respond/react toward someone. And we have the choice to change the way we interpret our interactions. When we do this, presto! Everyone offers us medicine. Here are some ways to change our perceptions and do just that:
Trace it Back
If you interact with someone and the situation blows up and/or leaves you perplexed with a bad taste in your mouth, look at your part; take responsibility for your actions. Trace the incident back to the first thought you had, which is the same as saying the first vibration you had.
People who are mean or crummy put us to the test.
And even though it’s difficult, we shouldn’t take everything so personally. The way people respond tells us more about the other person than it does about us.
We can also argue that whatever we recognize in another is a quality we have within. When you react to a person, ask yourself, “where/how do I exhibit that same characteristic?” Each person and every situation in your life teaches us about yourself, adds Susan Gayle author of the CDs “Removing Limiting Beliefs” and “Learn To Be Stress-Free” (
Whatever is happening “out there” in our experience is a reflection of what we need to do “in here.”
Realizing this is an amazing tool and gift.

Allow for Differences
It’s a good idea to allow for differences. That’s biodiversity. It’s okay, you don’t have to change the other person. Besides changing someone or trying to get them to be less annoying is a futile endeavor.
“What you can do is agree that you’re not going to see eye-to-eye. It’s healthy to accept people for who and what they are. And if they really bother you, change locations. In other words, you can set boundaries.
Also, focus on people’s strengths. If you can, acknowledge them. Make an effort to focus on these positives, rather than the negatives. It’s all about learning to love “what is” rather than what we think “should be. It makes us more loving, accepting and understanding of ourselves and the people in our lives.
Stay your Course
What kind of person do you want to be? We get to practice our spirituality with each moment. Continue to do the best job you know how under the circumstances presented. Also, be wiling to transcend your ego and apologize. It demonstrates that you’re a big enough person to admit when you’ve done something wrong. You set an example and perhaps others will also realize that you offer them medicine as well.

Our personal growth rarely occurs in isolation from others. As we interact with others, they provide us with opportunities to strengthen whatever quality we are working on. Ironically, this means you may attract a slew of nasty people because there are certain lessons you need to learn. Like magnets, we attract opportunities for us to work on ourselves. Once we learn the lesson and confront ourselves and our reactions and learn to react differently with that emotion/situation/person, it will disappear from our lives.
Or, at least, be in our lives in a new, constructive way.
This is something I am working on/with in my present life. Looking at people, places and situations…as just the right “medicine” I need at the time. I don’t find it easy to self-examine in this way…I don’t think any thinking human would, but I do see the need for it in my current evolutionary process. This type of work takes courage and the ability to really “look” at/into yourself, and the people in your sphere (or out of your sphere too); also it is a humbling experience in most cases. I look into my dark corners and interior broom closets every year, in an effort to grow, change and heal those non-working places. It’s an practice I do every year for myself…a gift to my present me, and the future me I wish to become.
I am working through this issue with my oldest son at the present moment, and I pray daily that light will come into our relationship once again. It’s painful, but I understand that if there is ever going to be a healing between us, and for that matter all the “missing” people in my life, it starts with me.
So, here’s to the hard work, here’s to trusting that the Universe does indeed have a plan for us all, and for being courageous enough to sweep out the old and welcome in the new.
I have a real busy day ahead, I am working on my studio and trying to get it in some kind of working order, ( I am a messy artist…a stacker of the highest order)so that I may finish the works that are pressing on my mind for the upcoming show in April…with a greater sense of clarity and order. I need more calm-ness and peace in myself and my surroundings. One way to get that is to move things around, put things away, and re-invent the energy that I live within.
I hope you all have a great Monday.
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  1. Kelly Bejelly
    February 5, 2007

    Great Post. I’m terrible at pointing out J’s faults and then claiming innocent (work in progress). I agree with your point on focusing on the positive, this has really helped change how we communicate.Thanks for your helpful tips and your encouragement on our decision to wait to start a family :).

  2. HMBT
    February 5, 2007

    Why Miss Kelly you are welcome. I am glad that you liked the post, it was a personal one for me and it’s nice to know when we are “heard” and understood, so…Thank you for that.Love, Heather


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