Do you ever wish you could write a book?

Hello All,
I have been looking at a real cool new site that I thought I should share with you.
It’s called Blurb.
I have talked about self publishing places before here…like LuLu and the like and they are great…if you don’t mind doing all the formatting by hand and paying through the nose for color pictures too…don’t even think about getting a hard back edition of your book through those “other” publishing houses…it’ll cost you a fortune.
Blurb is different and new. You can write a book in a matter of days (well maybe not days, but if you have already written the material, you could!), have a hard back edition with a library binding, a full color dust jacket, full color photos and thick paper inside…but you can do it with things like your Blog! They have a great little program that let’s you “Slurp” up your pre-written info and get to publishing…it’s way cool. Also if you want a Portfolio book for you artists and creators out there…you can do that too…without the extra costs for full color, high quality photos! So, if you are thinking about becoming a published author and want to skip waiting for a big book deal or a book agent calling you…check out Blurb. You can even make fantastic gifts with the service…wedding gifts, Valentines day gifts…Birthday’s, you name it…who wouldn’t want to get a book all about them or their event? I would…hint, hint!
Check it out, and let us know what you think here.
Here is the price list from their site:
Creating your book is FREE – pay only when you publish. Here’s how little it costs to publish your professional-quality book with Blurb:
Page count
Price Full color, softcover book (1st set of prices)
Price Full color, hardcover book with custom dust jacket (second set of prices)
(#of pages)20-40 $18.95 $29.95
41-80 $21.95 $34.95
81-120 $29.95 $37.95
121-160 $33.95 $39.95
161-200 $39.95 $47.95
201-300 $49.95 $59.95
301-440 $69.95 $79.95
Later Taters!
PS. I was not paid to write this I just found it and thought it was cool.

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  1. Cynthia
    January 31, 2007

    Thanks for the heads up…I’m always on the look out for new sites. I happen to know someone who wrote a book and was looking for a publisher.


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