Getting into the Gray Meat of the Matter

BAD! Kitty talks about the Brain Pan &
The meat of creativity…
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So, what does it mean to be creative in today’s world? Is it being able to produce something “cool”? Is it being able to produce something that will be sold, bought and otherwise monetarily valued? I think not.
At least not for this Kitty…I need to make, create, play and fool around with ideas that make me happy, or at least make me feel like continuing to work on what I am doing. I don’t create my art for anyone but myself in the moment…this is my moment, my only moment; creating is my way of enjoying every one of these moments on earth. I have said this before and I will say it again…I create for the love of creation.
I have also found that if I don’t work regularly I become backed up with creative ideas and thoughts and then…I want to ram people with my shopping cart at the grocery store for no reason…random acts of buggy violence are not looked at as OK in society…so I work instead, yes every single day…or else someone might get hurt. It’s my way of personally insuring public safety.
While I am working on this new work for the Gallery showing in April, I have found myself having brilliant creative moments and moments of thinking about who might buy the work when it’s finished. Talking to myself about popular colours, trends, and PC-ness. When I notice this is happening to me, I immediately open my journal and draw something random that is completely “Not cool”. Something that is embarrassing, something foolish, something that I would not want to share with others…and in that practice have come across some of my best ideas ever.
Right now I am working on this huge show…but I will not create any work for the masses, not for you, not for matching any person’s decor or couch…I will not do it…Sam I am.
I create for my own pleasure, education and amusement.
I create for my growth, understanding and for the benefit of my interior self.
If someone else connects with that source…than that’s the gravy of life…that’s the cherry on top as they say.
Ego is such a daunting master…it lacks the spark that is creativity in a nutshell. I have no Ego wrapped up in what the price of a work sells for…I am happy for the sale, the connection to another being…someone else gets the meaning, or found one of their very own in something I did…that’s the Ego stroke, that’s the reward, not the price at which they paid for it.
Now being an artist is about making money too…don’t get me wrong, I am no idiot. I like making sales just as much as the next person, and I work to improve my ability to sale, market and reach my audience. I am just saying that my artwork isn’t created in the moment for the sale at the end…it isn’t created for the future, it’s created for the now!
I love what I do and that is what I hope shows through…enough so that someone else would want to take out their wallet and share some of their hard earned income with me.
That’s what is cool in my book…the connection between working from the inner divine and sharing it with the world at large…fearlessly.
So, in short I have finally decided on a general direction for the new work…and I am having so much fun now that a path is laid out to guide me.
We will have to see how my ideas translate in the Red State Gallery I am going to be showing in…I mean I am pretty “out there” and my ideas about living, what is funny, and what is meaningful may not be a Republicans idea of the same…so this should be great fun, and educational too.
I am looking forward to opening night now….with no fear what-so-ever, isn’t that nice? I think so…
Off to work with me…and my crazy brain pan of gray meat…that will turn fiction into fantasy and then ideas into reality…
creative insanity rules!
Have a great day,
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  1. pamvitaz
    January 27, 2007

    love thislove to manifest a brain inpired art show/for purchase at the Brain Injury Ball which I must chair in Octoberany interest?still dying to meet you!

  2. HMBT
    February 4, 2007

    Yes Indeed…I would love to work on this with you…you know how to find me! Just shoot me an email at…let’s talk! Still looking forward to getting to finally meet you too!


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