The Uberman Sleep Schedule
OK the first link is not the Uberman sleep schedule that I have been researching and thinking of trying out…to recapture more hours in my daily life and also to finally have enough time to really start weaving my navel flint into a grand piano. The author of this site is really funny, charming and a Polyphasic sleeper (one of the options I am researching for navel flint weaving)- and she’s a MOM too! So here’s the link to the sleep schedule and info on the Uberman Schedule and what’s it’s all about. The Uberman
It has been well researched, and proven useful to some of the worlds greatest human beings…so I thought heck why not? If I choose to try it out, I’ll keep you posted on my progress into time warping insanity.

I am looking into ways to increase (create more of) my time, energy, creativity, financial outlook and my spiritual reserves.
I have not made any hard and fast choices yet, but I have made the decision that this is what I am going to accomplish this year. That as they say, is the first rule of manifestation…make a decision and then devise an action plan around that choice. Here’s to the choosing! Life is short and full of choices…choose often and wisely. Living like there’s no tomorrow, I am off to finish my work for the day…I have started the Fairy World work…I have a demanding work ethic so I must complete my days goal before I can rest.
I hope the day is treating you well,
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    February 2, 2007

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