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LiveDeal is a great auction site that I use myself to sell my art and anything else I may want to sell. The cool thing is this I also use it to find things like: real estate, rentals, jobs, cars, pets, consumer goods…and the list goes on! Much like Ebay, if you are looking for something you will find it on LiveDeal, but what makes it even better is the fact that listings are Free, I’ll say it again…The Stores are Free, the listings are unlimited and also are Free!
(from the LiveDeal about us page)
LiveDeal is a leading local online classifieds site with more than $3 billion in merchandise listed for sale, with presence in every city and every zip code in the U.S. By combining the benefits of classifieds, Yellow Pages and e-commerce, LiveDeal offers the best, most affordable solution anywhere for helping people find and list items for sale. The LiveDeal platform lets people effortlessly interact and transact at the local level, while still being able to post and search items nationally.

Because LiveDeal unites buyers and sellers in local areas with free listings, the company makes the listing, buying, and selling of goods and services convenient, safe and affordable – especially for “big ticket” and hard-to-ship items such as cars, furniture, pets and major appliances. LiveDeal reduces the risk of fraud – a major consideration when buying via a service such as eBay – eliminates prohibitive shipping costs for local transactions and makes “trying before you buy” a reality.

LiveDeal uses patent-pending technology that provides consumers with a local-to-global approach towards buying and selling. LiveDeal lets consumers search or browse for items in a particular city, state or zip code. The site also offers email alerts that notify buyers once an item they seek becomes available on

LiveDeal breaks down the traditional barriers between local buyers and sellers by providing the most flexible, low-cost alternative to classifieds and other online e-commerce sites. LiveDeal offers free listings with optional fees for value-added services. And unlike sites such as craigslist, LiveDeal provides a professional, family-friendly, e-commerce environment that is accessible in over 70,000 zip codes across the U.S. LiveDeal is also different from online auction services such as eBay since it focuses on bringing together buyers and sellers in local markets, avoiding shipping hassles and costs, and giving consumers an opportunity to try before they buy.
So, click on the link above to check it out! Ditch the high cost classifieds, advertising, and costs of selling your items and artworks…think LiveDeal instead!

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