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Weekly Goddess 101
Lilith is a strong and sexual female archetype, who unfortunately (but not surprisingly) has gotten a bad rap throughout the ages. That’s when happens when a patriarchal society and a threatening female force collide; they turn her into a dark menace to be feared and despised. In fact, her name literally means ‘Demon’ in Hebrew. But in reality, Lillith is a tantalizing and fiery Goddess who embodies wisdom, freedom, courage, playfulness and passion.

In the oldest reference to Lilith, she is portrayed as a Handmaiden for the Mesopotamian goddess Innana. She stands at the temple’s gateway and invites worshippers to enter. The more common myth however is the Hebrew one where Lilith is the first woman in the Garden of Eden. Yes pre-Eve. She was created out of earth and was equal to Adam, which explains why she refused to submit and lie beneath him while having sex! In protest, she took off to the Red Sea Coast. Enter a less equal Eve who – unlike Lilith – was submissive to Adam. She was not a woman “made” from the Earth but from a rib of a man.

On hearing this, Lilith supposedly returned in the form of a serpent to the Garden of Eden and tempted Eve to eat the apple from the tree of knowledge. Ah yes women, the root of all evil. The rest of the myth is well known and was used to suppress women for — oh, I don’t know — the last 2000-plus years.
by Maryam Henein
I have a long awaited, much anticipated, appointment with the largest
(and OMG so pretty!) Gallery in our area today.
I am hoping for a show in the New Year…so wish me luck!
Have a wonderful day,

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