The Father of Metaphysics

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The father of science…Aristotle

Have you ever wondered who began the study of things that are beyond our material understanding, like psychic abilities? This Greek philosopher and royal advisor is not only the father of modern science, but the founder of metaphysics as well!
Aristotle is known for being one of the few figures in history who studied almost every subject possible at the time. Expert in sciences ranging from embryology to astronomy and arts from poetry to theater, his combined works practically comprise an encyclopedia of Greek knowledge and his most famous ‘student’ was no less than Alexander the Great, whom he began instructing at the tender age of 13!
According to Plutarch, Aristotle not only served as a practical instructor (on matters like ethics and politics) but he also imparted his most profound secrets of philosophy on Alexander. Grateful for the knowledge (which he likely found central to his own successes) Alexander provided Aristotle with ample means for the pursuit of his scientific investigation. Aristotle considered philosophy to be part of that pursuit, calling it “the science of the universal essence…” (what we may call the universal energy or life force). He continued, specifying that “the first philosophy” is “the knowledge of immaterial being”
And so it was that the study of metaphysics, a term with which we are all familiar that translates literally as beyond science (or physics) was born.
Being that I am really into science and physics I love learning about my hero’s in the field. Aristotle is the father of modern science, and being that he was also a mystic (me too) he excites my imagination and my sense of wonder.
I have been clairvoyant ever since I can remember. I have studied the many (many) areas of meta-science my entire life. I have also been “reading or guiding” people for more than 20 years now. I have read for more than 3000 people worldwide to date. I do work for and with a few police agencies when they contact me for help, that work is rewarding but very hard on the heart. I spot health problems for family and friends, I interpret dreams and talk to animals…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for me. I like to call what I “do” Intuitive Life Coaching, because I am so much more than an average psychic, so much so that I never use that word to describe myself to others. As I have grown and aged one thing has never stopped, my abilities seem to continue to develop as I get older and wiser. Every year I seem to find another layer available to myself, a new skill or the development of greater ability (control) with a skill that I am familiar with. It’s a fun and magical world for me most of the time. Working in the field of metaphysics for as long as I have I’ve learned several things…the most important being that I will never know it all. (Isn’t that great?!) So, when I get stuck in my own life for one reason or another, I always turn to science to help me solve problems…no I don’t mean chemicals, I mean meditation, physics, earth science and history to name a few.
I find science to be the most compelling of all religions…yes I said religion. I trust the world of science and natural law more than I do any one dogma of mankind.
So, my point in this post? Well I guess I just wanted to talk about myself a little, tell you a little bit more about myself and maybe explain a little of the why behind so many of my educational type posts and the subject matter of so many of my artworks. I love learning and studying…I am a lifelong student, and I really enjoy sharing my educational moments as I go.
I hope you have a day of learning and adventure ahead of you…
and don’t forget to share your love with those in your life.
Now, off to the art studio…for another wild day with my inner world!

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