New Moon For the New Year!

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New Moon for the New Year…a little Astrology for the New Year
It could be argued that there is no better opener for the year than a Sagittarius New Moon. First, the New Moon sets the stage for the month ahead, meaning that the New Year will open in a profoundly positive direction. The Moon in Sagittarius signifies that all of us will be inspired to reach for the dreams that emanate from our truest selves. So, if you’ve been determined to live life fully, to discover your true life’s purpose – now is the time.

As you may remember the Sun is also in Sagittarius, magnifying this effect. The Sun in Sagittarius means that in the seasonal cycles, this is the time of hope, of generosity, and of sharing.

Adding enormous power to this is Jupiter who has also just come to spend a year in Sagittarius. Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, was the symbol for the Greek god, Zeus, then became the Roman god, Jupiter or Jove. He was the greatest of the gods, the father of gods, men and the Roman Empire. It was said that all things came from Jove, both good and ill. Yet, over time he came to be symbolic of luck, fortune and optimism. The word ‘jovial’ has its root in the name of this god and means warm, jolly, and buoyant.

Jupiter has begun its reign in the sign Sagittarius, its only homecoming here for the past 12 years. Since Jupiter rules Sagittarius this amplifies its power and magnificence. Astrologically, this heralds a cycle of great positive growth; it’s a time to delve into education, travel and adventure. It’s time to seek your own personal truths, to set down and achieve your goals. Right now, any goal that involves education, foreign cultures, languages or beliefs will have unusual ease and momentum associated with it.

If you think it couldn’t get better – well, you’d be quite mistaken. Mars also entered Sagittarius this month, so it brings to bear its active, forceful and energetic and motivating energies to you. This will heighten any urges you’ll feel for learning, travel and adventures of all sorts (just be careful to rein in any impulsiveness).

Then the life of the party, Mercury, also enters Sagittarius. Mercury is the god of communication and information, so he’ll bring all his gifts to you. You’ll find yourself to be unusually loquacious and perhaps uncharacteristically blunt. Yet, the heavens are demanding that you seek after your personal truth, and Mercury will help you gather all the information you need to develop a comprehensive plan.

And finally, the darkest and most powerful god, Pluto is on the scene. If you’re determined to discover your own unique path through life, to unearth your hidden potentials and your untapped potential, Pluto is here to help. Yet, beware – if you avoid this truth-seeking quest with Pluto around he’ll violently force the issue – it’s either jump or be pushed.

Yet from an optimistic perspective, change – positive change is on the wing. You can no more hide from it than you can avoid air, so now’s the best astrological time in many years to effect change that allows you to live fully and to bring your gifts out into the world.
I love the New Moon, it’s my favorite. As I figured out that it would be happening this year on the New Year…I got really excited! I mean…what a great way to start the year, with all that positive new energy and power. I have had a really bad year, and this is great news for me personally, but it’s made even better knowing that it will be good for the entire planet too!
The best thing is that big old Jupiter is moving into position for the year, I could really use some of his good loving. It only happens every 12 or 13 years so enjoy!

Well today, I will be working on the painting from yesterday and starting the rough out for another new one, I still have to name the last two and get them over to the web site for sale. The youngest boy in this house has woke up with the chicken pox! Great…that’s what I want…chicken pox on Christmas! ARGH!
Poor little guy even had the vaccine…how could this have happened?! I’ll say it again…A-R-G-H!!!
So, in between cleaning everything in sight to keep it from spreading, working on my painting for the day, entertaining the little ones, and doing the web site update…I don’t hold out much hope for really getting much studio time in today…but I will try my best to fit in some time.
Love to all,
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