WIP~ New work #2 – Day 2

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Work in Progress
Day 2
OK, yesterday I spent about 6 hours on this new work. I laid in the dark colours, the body outlines, the hair and left the space for her wings open, because I think I am going to go another direction with them today.
The colours used so far…BTW this is all in oils…
Hair – Prussian blue, radiant turquoise and lamp black
Body – mars black and flake white
background – flake white, Payne’s gray and brilliant violet
I also used walnut oil for the blending and the gloss.
I dragged a dry brush through the background to create a rainy effect (purple rain all the way baby) and also pushed her hair and body into the background in places and brought other parts out to the front to create dimension…not to mention a really great texture effect that catches light and makes it look like shimmery rain! HA! I rock…and I am so modest too. 🙂
This picture came out a bit dark, she is really very vibrant and rich in tone.
So, I am off to start the work day…today I hope to finish the background, the crown and the wings…and start the other new work as well.
Busy, busy…what do you think?
Are you liking the day by day of a BAD! kitty creative insanity in the studio?
Let me know!
Have a good one,

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