Reprogramming the Mind

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Perception…it is what you think it is.
(Above) Just Ducky
By: HMBT 2006
Oil Pastels on heavy paper

Perception is your state of mind projected outward and, in this way, your mind can make your life a living hell or a daily celebration. It is for this very reason that mind training is absolutely essential.

Whether your goal is to build a multimillion dollar company or simply focus on daily peace of mind, the achievement of your goals starts by directing your mind properly.

There are two ways to direct the mind’s automatic imaging process. First is to challenge and overturn negative pictures that dis-empower you. Second is to deliberately put into your mind pictures of what you would like to experience in your life. Both have their role and place in getting motivated, and becoming successful.

When we set out to change our mental process, it’s important to realise that you can tell your mind not to do something; rather you must redirect your mind to an alternative. If for instance you have been looking for a job for ages, your mind might be giving you pictures of you never ever getting a job again. When this happens run the following mental sequence:

Technique 1: Imagine taking a red pen and drawing a thick red line around the negative image of not having a job. Once framed in this way, imagine shrinking the red frame smaller and smaller until it is a tiny red dot.

Then see a big hammer smashing the red dot into a zillion pieces. Once your negative image is removed in this way, bring in the positive opposite – such as you finding a magnificent job in the very near future.

Technique 2: To help your mind be trained anew to think on your goals and objectives (rather than all the negatives of life), write down or depict on paper your ideal vision for your life in five years’ time. Look inward and ask yourself what you were put on this earth to do – and then put that down in pictures and words.

Every morning and every night look at this vision and deliberately imagine yourself living this new dream life, the one you were born to live. It’s a quick exercise, that takes only a few minutes of your day, but these minutes construct a mental foundation for a whole new life. Here’s how:

Before you get out of bed to start your day, close your eyes and turn your eyeballs back to look at the inside top of your head. Count backwards from 50 to 0. Then make a positive statement in line with your ability to live your dream; for example: “I can do this.”

Allow your eyes to come to normal position, but keeping them closed – imagine that your mind is a big movie screen. Imagine yourself walking onto the screen from the left, and then stop in the centre of the screen. See yourself big and bold and bright. Now start imagining yourself living your ideal life.

When you’ve got the image clear in your mind, connect with the feelings of success it will bring to you, and holding that feeling in place, watch yourself walk off the screen to the right. Finish. Repeat again before you go to sleep. Three minutes of deliberate imagination a day will translate into 300 miracles of success in your life.

When we tune our lives up to a sweet celebration note through positive mental imagery, we turn our back on the bland and dull M-zone that binds most people to mediocrity.
By: Catherine Glennie

Well my mother told me that if I turned my eyes up in my head they would get stuck that way. (LOL) This practice is however very helpful to me, and I have used this exercise repeatedly over the last couple of weeks. I re-discovered the practice and thought what the heck, it can’t hurt. So, I have been reprogramming myself for living my dream life ever since. The thing is this, it takes time…and now I think I have to find a re-programming tool for learning more patience. *Grins* I am seeing some light at the end of the tunnel these days, and that alone is a blessing. Still no recent art sales…but I am thinking positive and working for the day that I make more sales than I can keep up with again. The art is coming along in between bouts of terrible joint pain, and I am working on a couple of new canvas’s. I will be submitting a recent work to the Art Crit blog soon as well, and that I hope will go well, I am visualizing a rave review.
The day ahead is a long one, so I need to get started on it…and I will visualize a healthy, prosperous, filled with good things day before I pull out my paint brushes. You never know…today could be the day that one of those 300 good things happens!
Here’s to looking up, and moving forward!

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