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So I see by my views for the day and the few private emails I have gotten…that the whole subject of being poor isn’t going over well…I get it… it is the season to be Jolly…and all that.
I just wanted to make a point about the fact that there is a big bad world out there…and people have various methods of coping with it. Being that I am a number 9 (See Yesterdays post) I seem to have this desire to try to elevate and make things better for not just myself, but for humanity as a whole. Is that so wrong? 🙂
I know the answer to that…it sure won’t make friends and impress people that’s for sure.
It’s just reality bites for some people…I happen to be one of them right now. It’s not that I am crying poor-mouth or asking for a hand-out. I would welcome the chance to work…a hand-up instead. Love given freely, and not pity…It’s hard work living dreams, taking risks, telling the truth…very hard work indeed.
So, I’ll go back to happy go lucky posts but not for your sake, I do it for my own. I am not one to dwell in the places of hurt and sorrow….I can be inspired to do something about them though…for myself and my fellow Human.
So, onward and upward…I am not poor in any other way than the social definition…I have a rich inner life.
Really I do. 🙂
Hope your day is bright and shiny,

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  1. MrPaul
    December 11, 2006

    good post from a truthfully american perspective; appreciated


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