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BAD! Kitty Art Studio
(above)Earth Goddess by HMBT 2006
Mixed media, fabric collage and oil paints
45cm X 60cm
This weeks Goddess…The Mighty Isis!
Isis, the great goddess of Egypt, is like a multi-faceted diamond, reflecting an array of characteristics. She embodies traits from all the goddess from all cultures rolled into one. In a sense, she is the goddess of goddesses. A wonder goddess if you will. In fact one of her nicknames is “The One Who Is All.”

According to Egyptian mythology, Isis assisted her husband Osiris, who was also her brother, during his earthly reign. In the Pyramid Texts, allusions are made that indicate that Isis predicted her husband’s murder. Following his death, she tirelessly searched for his body and moved all forces of nature to rescue the corpse and give him a proper burial. However, his murderer, who also happened to be his brother Seth, stole the body and hacked it into fourteen pieces. Calamity!
Isis searched the scope of Egypt, gathering together his pieces and, with the god, Anubis, bound him together to make him whole, except for his phallus. Isis formed a penis and attached it to her deceased husband’s body, so that he could impregnate her with their son Horus. For her wondrous skills of re-creation, she is called Isis, “great of magic.”
You can channel this magical goddess’s gifts. Here’s how:

Honor the Wonder Woman in You
Isis embodies many characteristics. Her functions range from being the Great Mother to ruling the complexities of ritual magic. She presides over the tides of the ocean and can dive to incredible depths. She is a nurturer, a faithful wife, a sensual lover and a loving healer. She sewed, weaved, cooked, and cast magic spells. She taught her people the skills of reading and agriculture and was worshipped as the goddess of medicine and wisdom. Even in mourning she motivated herself into action. Isis is a wonder woman — much like the modern woman of today. She reminds us to honor ourselves. Women are amazing creatures! Take a look at everything you do and appreciate how versatile and creative you are. We do it all; we multi-task like no man can!
Treat yourself with love and compassion and remember that it’s okay to spoil yourself every once in a while. If you are not good to yourself, how can you expect anyone else to be?

Tap into your Intuition

Isis is the goddess who opens the third eye. She knows the secrets of the dead and living alike, and she is the guardian of our dreams. Isis holds tremendous conviction and self-belief. She knows the answers and you do, too. She reminds us that we can cultivate trust in our own psychic wisdom. Find the courage to trust your gut. If you have a question, go inside yourself, and the answers will come. If they don’t right away, then rule with calm patience and love for yourself, just like this Egyptian High Priestess would.

The Art of Understatement

With her lunar disc headdress, long dark hair and Cleopatra-like cut, Isis is a striking figure. And yet she is also silent and subtle in her ways. She looked after her loved ones and yet she also exhibited favoritism and disdain in impulsive ways. In short, Isis is a little unpredictable. She reminds us that women are complex creatures. Which other living thing can cry and laugh at the same time? Sometimes men accuse us of being H.M. – high maintenance. But let me tell you, any intelligent, creative woman is complex.
We say one thing and sometimes do another; we like things “just so” and yet we are also easy going. We may mystify and confuse our lovers but what we offer is unquestionable. Isis reminds us that’s it’s okay to be fickle and spontaneous.

Face with Love

Isis rules with love and patience. When you find yourself about to lose it, call on her. She provides equilibrium and guidance. Isis is a goddess of love and forgiveness. She is the embodiment of the feminine as a vessel for divine expression. You can also call on her to reveal old memories and patterns that may be holding you back. She can help you release negativity and make space for better things. She invites us to put the past behind us and live in the present. She meets the world with tenderness and grace.

Consider the Magic

The roots of all magic come from ancient Egypt. Isis is the goddess of magic and alchemy. Another example of her magical skills occurred when she created the first cobra and used its venomous bite to coerce Ra into revealing his secret name. In Ancient Egypt, magic was a gateway to the divine was an everyday occurrence. They cast spells to attract a lover, heal a sick child and bring prosperity. Magic is still a part of our lives, we just don’t realize it. When you visualize something and then give it up to the universe and it happens that’s magic. Years ago, I asked the universe for a lover who was skillful and who wouldn’t mind if I read at the breakfast table. It took a while for me to meet him, but my lover is now a handyman extraordinaire who inhales books like no other. Now, we both read at the table. Words have the power to manifest –that’s magic. Synchronicity is also a form of magic. As is taking medicine and watching your body heal into health. Isis reminds us to honor the magic in our life. Every new day can be magical if we so chose.
Today I will be working on a new idea for a painting that came to me on a dream a couple of nights ago, and working in general on the rest of my life’s duties. The magic of the ordinary everyday-ness of living is not lost on me. I have been treasuring every moment the past few weeks as my health has been suffering, and well it sometimes takes a little yucky time to remind yourself just how special being alive really is. I am not feeling very well and that makes each day even more bright for me…I know some people would just go back to bed, but when I feel the way I have been feeling…I get more excited about being up and at it. Call me stubborn, but being sick makes me want to push harder into the day and make the most of every moment. So, I will work on my new art and when I get to a stopping point I will snap a picture and share it with you all.
Now on to the day…and to take from our Goddess 101 class from above…on to the day with thoughts of magic, confidence and love. But I ain’t sewing on any pee-pee’s for anyone today! 🙂
To all I wish the very best day,

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