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Ever feel like you’re living in the past or spending all your time anticipating the future? What it will be like “when I get that job…” or “when I find the one?” The key to finding any sense of peace is finding a way to live in the moment – after all, it’s really all you’ve got at any given time!

So often, we tend to get caught up in reminiscing – whether it’s about the one that got away, or what it was like to be a kid or anything else. We drift off into daydreams, imagining the feelings we can’t seem to recapture. Memory can be a very powerful thing; but whether you realize it or not, it’s also subjective. To put it simply, we remember things how we want to remember them (for better or worse), and by living in our memories, we lose the experience of what’s going on where we are… then, we wonder why we aren’t happy.

While looking back over times gone by is sometimes a fabulous thing (it can be said that creating warm memories is what the holidays are all about), it’s hugely important to experience your life as it unfolds – every second of it! If you do your best to stay centered, taking good physical, mental and emotional care of yourself, you’ll be too busy having the time of your life to focus on what could have been, what once was, or what may someday be. No one is saying don’t ever reminisce, but don’t wallow, or wish… create what you want now!

Likewise, it does nothing for your to exist for the future. In fact, living in the future is just as dangerous as living in the past! While it’s vital to keep an eye on what you’re doing to create the life you desire down the line, if you keeping putting off today what you think you’ll be able to do tomorrow (when fill in the blank situation becomes your reality), you’ll never do anything!

To manifest what you want down the road, create it in your life today. For instance, if you want to get in shape, start exercising now, not after you’ve lost ten pounds. If you want to find a new job, start building up your skills and looking now, not talking about when the opportunity comes your way. There’s an old saying luck equals opportunity plus preparation (to put it mathematically: l = o + p). Get the preparation under way, and know in your heart that the opportunity will come your way.

This holiday, make it a point to unwrap the present! It will be the best gift you’ve ever gotten!
I am working on living moment to moment these days, and striving for personal tolerance of not being able to change my world day after day. Living in the moment really has been a life saver for me in the last few months, otherwise I am sure I would have drowned in a sea of regrets, fears, and anger. This struggle to be more centered and trusting in the life force has really saved my bacon even more so recently, and over the last three years more times than I can count. Living with a terminal, chronic disease has taught me several things…the most important one is that today is the most important day I will have on earth, no matter what day it is or what is going on. Good, Bad or Indifferent…every day above ground is good. I am unwrapping my present today, and loving every minute of it…Darn it!
Grin and bear it…
Happy Friday everyone!
Share your love, and live in the moments of your day.
We all have a terminal disease…it’s called birth.
BAD! Kitty is now pointing the finger at herself…
every day above ground is GOOD! 🙂 Listen up Self! I am determined to have a good one today, no matter what happens, or how well (or not so well) I happen to be feeling…open the present SELF (yes, I am now talking to myself in my own blog…I just keep getting more weird by the day), just rip that big bow off and have at it!


  1. Amber
    December 1, 2006

    I couldn’t agree more! With absolutely everything you have just typed. You go Heather, I hope you have a good one. Wish I could comment more, but my lunch is oh so short today. :)Hugs!!

  2. rwhackman
    June 20, 2008

    I wrote a post on my blog called “heaven is in your mind” along similar lines. Not quite the same, but similar (that’s how I found your blog, through those “automatically generated links”). I try to savor the moment as well, and believe that now is where it’s at. But I also try to relive past moments of pleasure, and if I over-romanticize them that’s all for the better!

    One thing I was going to write about but didn’t is the experience I used to have when completing a model. I used to build models, back before I had a family and had more time. When I would finally get one done, and was happy with the work, I used to get a kind of high off of it. I used to call it “modeller’s high”. Do you get anything similar from your artwork?


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