New Work In Progress- Reaching up

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
New Work in Progress
‘Reaching Up’
I just got to a stopping point with my new work…and guess what… I didn’t do an outdoor scene like I thought I would! I just painted from my gut instead and this is what happened. I have been struggling with my new work and my new life…and this is my prayer for me and my family.
Reaching Up is just that, me reaching up to heaven and bringing it back to earth for myself and my loved ones…I look forward to it drying enough to start the figure and “flesh” her out. Right now she is just roughed in with the dark’s and mid-tones…waiting for the light of life to be brought in. It’ll be a few days before that can happen, but I look forward to what happens next.
Let me know what you think of her so far…and the pictures came out a little darker than I would have liked but it’s late here and the light is gone for the day, she is flying up through graded colours of dark violet, madder lake deep, crimson red, and brilliant yellows.
She is sketched in with red ocher…
Have a great night all…this tired Kitty is going to eat dinner!

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