When the Turkey hits the Fan

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Thanksgiving was great! Mate Man made a spread fit for kings…and a Queen, of course. We had a great time all around cooking and eating for the entire day, I hope you all had a great Holiday too.
I am finally coming out of my sickness, thank the Gods…I was really hurting this time around and a few of those days, I wanted to run away to no-where land and never come back…everything hurt, and I was so miserable. Today my hands are working again, and I think I am on the mend…Whew!
Just before the sickness took me down the long road, I did manage to finish the smaller commission I have been working on, and I finished the sale/trade on ‘Self Control’. A wonderful jewelry artist saw my work on Etsy, and asked if we could work out a deal for my painting…I am not much of a jewelry person, but I took one look at her work and fell totally in love with her style. We talked for a while about the purchase/trade and I chose a wonderful necklace named ‘pinball’ from her stock…I got it a few days ago…it’s even better in person, and it’s perfect for me. Wanna see it? Angela Walker Jewelry…trust me her work is amazing and really super well done, tough enough for the likes of me…and pretty too! Thanks Angela, I love my new bright and shiny!
This weekend we will be taking the boys over to the skate park so they can burn off some energy…before they drive me crazy. I’ll be working on my new work, I can’t wait to get back to the easel again, now that I can stand up.
Well I guess that’s all for today, I have tons to get done…the boys have both told me they want a painting for Christmas…and not easy ones either, so I have to get busy trying to figure those two works out. I love my kids so much, they understand we are very broke right now and took the pressure off of Christmas by coming up with art they want me to make for them…ain’t they great?!
Have a wonderful day all,

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