The Day after the pity party

Well… I woke-up this morning and thought about my self indulgent pity party yesterday…and then forgave myself for it after awhile. I mean we all have moments, right? Yesterday was mine I guess…I am tired and it’s hard…but I never give up. I never quit on my dreams. I am not a quitter.
So my poor me pity party is at an end and it’s time to get back on track to who I really am…today I am still trying to figure that out, but at least that sad sack crap is done and out of my system. We will make this whole thing work, I am sure of it…we have never really failed to do so in the 12 years we have been at this life together, and I have 26 years before that of taking care of myself and my kid. I figure that means I will eventually make it out of this mess too.
BAD! Kitty is back and in better form for the day, hopefully that will lead to something really positive in the near future. I could use something going right for a change and I now realize that is up to me to manifest change and not bemoan this circumstance. It’s a place in time not my definition of being.
If any of you KY readers know of a good job for my very qualified, hard working, and honest Mate, please email us and I’ll forward his resume over to the hiring company…it never hurts to put it out there and see what happens right?
Also, if anyone is looking for some wonderful saucy art…well you know where to find me. Think about it…you could buy some artwork and enable an artist to keep working, now isn’t that a nice sounding purchase? Would be music to me, that’s for sure.
Have a happy day in your neck of the woods,
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