Friday Fun Facts – Suspended for today

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the day
“One moment of patience
may ward off great disaster;
One moment of impatience
may ruin a whole life.”
~Chinese Wisdom
Hello everyone, my blog is acting weird…I can’t copy my fun facts for the week into it, I also can not post new comments that have come in…and it’s driving me crazy.
So… I wanted to thank Pinky for the kind words about the new work. Thanks Pinky! Glad that you are feeling better, I hope that continues for you, all the best to you and yours.
I also was wondering if Blurr could let us know what she thought of the new work she bought recently…Monster Suit, how is it in person and did your BF like it too? Let us all know if you don’t mind. I hope your move into your great new place is going well for you.
And Kathy, yes we are really enjoying the new area, and isn’t that gallery just the cutest place? Thanks so much for keeping up with me…how’s that book of yours coming along? I can’t wait to buy a copy for my very own!
Now for the rest of you regular readers…and goodness there are a lot of new readers from the KY area…thanks for being here today, I do hope that your week has been good, and WOW! this weekends weather looks kinda freaky, huh? Maybe we will see snow this weekend, pretty cool I think being that we are new to the area, and have not gotten to see much of that before.
Now for the news from BAD! Kitty…I have started a new painting and it’s going pretty well so far. I have finally gotten the background color the way I like it, a rich yellow orange…inspired by the great fall colors hanging from the trees like jewels here. I plan to work on it some more today, if it’s dry enough to paint the next layer on top and if I can scrap enough of the right paint colors together for the work. I also found a couch yesterday! One that I could afford…and it does not suck! It’s very comfortable and nice looking…and my bottom is very happy to have it. It’s amazing to me how little it takes to make me happier these days…like having a couch…the simple things make life a little nicer to live daily.
There have been no new sales of artwork, now going on close to a month…I’m getting worried that the gift giving season will not translate into sales for me. ARGH! It’s not that my value is based on sales, but they do make a grrrl feel inspired to keep going some days, you know? I also really need to buy some supplies and can’t right now, because of not having the funds to do so…and that’s hard on creating new work…when you don’t have the paint or canvas to do it on. I have been working on a couple of small collages, for creative insanity will set in if I don’t work in some way everyday…and I do love collage as a medium…but I just want to PAINT…so badly it’s making my teeth hurt.
The boys are doing well…Mate Man is still looking for work, going to interviews, waiting to hear back on any of them, and trying not being depressed over the difficulty of finding a living wage job and I am working hard on not letting it all get to me too. I am a little homesick for Oregon, and missing certain people in my life a whole lot…trying not to dwell on their absence in my world, but as the holidays approach, and one of them in particulars birthday is coming up this month, it’s hard not to think about the holes in my life without them in it. I miss her, my best friend…now gone for more than a year…and my oldest son who has stayed behind in the west to do as he feels is best for himself…being a grown-up has been not too much fun for me… as of late.
So…I guess that’s all for now…I will try to post the art of the day a little later, if I can…blogger has to work with me and not against me for that to happen…and I wish you all a great day, and a wonderful and fun weekend.
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