The Walking Tour

BAD! Kitty’s Walking Tour of Danville.
We had a little time yesterday, while waiting on my new work to dry…so we grabbed the camera and went for a walking tour downtown. I got a few good pictures of some of the great things to see here… not all of my pictures turned out well, but some of them I am really liking. We also went into several galleries and shops to chat up the owners and drop off my card to see if we could drum up a show for BAD! Kitty Artworks. I will tell you all about that later, but for now…walk with me into historic downtown Danville, KY.
This is the church I was telling you about that we saw on Halloween. The picture was really hard to take as it’s located on a busy street, and I wanted to stalk around and not get cars in the photo, I am going to be going back soon to take so may pictures of this building…built in 1783, it’s just a marvel of curves, spires and wonderful stonework. Love it.

These are the parking posts downtown…for your car or horse. I love them…and no pay to park meters! Love that fact all by itself, being that in Portland if you didn’t move your car every 90 minutes the meter police came by and wrote you a big nasty ticket, I love being able to park downtown and not worry I’ll come back to a ticket worth more than my car.

This is the most adorable little tiny church tucked into a spot on Main Street. It has a wonderful curved red double door, and is literally sandwiched between big buildings. I will be going back soon for more pictures of this one too, I think I have to paint it. I’ll post more pictures when I get them done.

This is the big courthouse…and it looks like a courthouse should. During the civil war it also served as a hospital, when the Union army took it over. I love the columns, the huge tower and the cobble stone courtyard all around it. It sits back off of Main Street and is very impressive indeed.

These are just two of the wonderful facades downtown, the entire main street looks like this, and I plan to take tons more pictures of the whole street, I just wanted to give you an idea of what I was talking about. I plan to paint a series about these wonderful buildings as well. Fun huh?

Another shot of the Court house tower, I just loved it.

These following shots are all from a little square of historical buildings that are open to the public, and set into a wonderful little park, named Constitution Square. I loved this park too much! I will most definitely be going back for more pictures of all of these buildings and artifacts. This picture is of the inside of the jail cell from the jailhouse building.

Here’s another shot from inside the Jail, each building have perfect tableau’s inside and lighting too…wonderful!

Looking through the bars…the jail was mandated it be built with nine inch logs! The craftsmanship is very impressive.

Outside the Jail.

The First town meeting hall, this building is very cool, it was the place the town held meetings, church, and voted.

I loved this! It is what is in the middle of the square, on a really tall statue…I lost the picture I had of the whole thing, but I am glad to have the words. “And another empire was born”…I love that so much!

The corner of the First Post Office, I just loved the joint work, can you imagine the craftsman working, measuring and placing these logs? Wonderful.

The front of the Post office. This was the very first Post Office west of the Allegheny Mountains. Kentucky has always been ahead of the times in being modern. I loved the way this shot turned out, very pretty.
So those are the best photo’s from downtown that I have so far…I am going to do another post later with a few photo’s from the gallery I fell in love with, not to mention the owner was delightful to talk with…so stay tuned for more on that soon.
I hope you enjoyed the tour, thanks for being here today.
Love to all,

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