Sugar, sugar, sugar Halloween- the day after

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“The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere

of activity in which we are permitted

to remain children all our lives. “

~ Albert Einstein

Well the Truman family survived another Halloween.
Because of a lack of funds, the boys and I collaborated
to paint their faces, and create Zombies from Danville last night.
After a lot of giggling, and squirming we came out with very rotten and dead looking boys and headed downtown to main street to parade around, collect candy and ogle at the other costumed peoples of Danville. It was wet but not raining, and everyone was having a grand time. It was so much fun, all the businesses closed shop and handed out candy, the local politicians stumped and shook hands, and the cops closed off the streets for the fun. The adults even got in on the fun and most dressed up too, it was great. The downtown area here is rich with wonderful buildings and churches dating all the way back to 1783. It is such a pretty main street, and I was able to explore the shops and galleries, meet some locals, and totally fall in love with the architecture and atmosphere. I even spotted a little gallery I hope to visit soon, and chat them up…they had some really fine work in there, and I think my work would fit right in, if I do say so myself. I hope to get back down there ASAP to take some pictures to share with you all soon. You’ll love it, too.
On the way home the Zombie brothers stuffed themselves with as much candy as they could, and by the time we came through the front door they were both complaining of stomach aches. I never let them have more than one small treat a day (I am a refined sugar control freak) and so getting to eat all they wanted was fun and tummy bungling. What’s Halloween without a good tummy ache I ask you? 🙂 Mate Man and I went as really good imitations of Mom & Dad…next year we are going to go as each other…that will be funny as I have a head full of unruly long curly hair and Mate Man is bald. HA!
It was really fun for everyone involved and the effort the town put into the party and safety of the kids made me love this town even more. The genuineness of the people here really does inspire me and make me feel good about just living here with them all.
So, now for today…Mate Man has an interview, we have our fingers crossed for him, and I plan to work at the easel all day, trying to catch up with my new series and hopefully finish one of the canvas’s I have started. As you know I work on two to three canvas’s at a time, because I can’t get bored or stuck that way…and sometimes it makes me feel a little crazy when they are all close to being finished. This new series is really turning out fun, the combination of oil painting, mixed media elements, and text in every work is really inspiring me at this point…now to just keep the momentum and finish the whole lot of them.
Well that’s all for this morning, I’ll post the art of the day a little later, so check back…and if I get any of these new works finished today, I’ll post pictures of that too.
Love and best wishes to all for the day,


  1. pinky
    November 1, 2006

    Sounds like everyone had a really good time!

  2. HMBT
    November 1, 2006

    We did, it was fun to just relax a little after so long.:)


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