Some more art from the sale!

‘No More Gray Days’
From the 360 series #9
oils on Reclaimed canvas
This work Needs a big wall space!
Must see in person for depth and color saturation,
Powerful yet Serene.
4′ X 4′ X 2″ thick
WAS $950.00 NOW $550.00 + Shipping!
“There is an island fantasy
A “Someday I’ll,”
we’ll never see when recession stops,
inflation ceases,
our mortgage is paid,
or our pay increases.
That Someday I’ll,
where problems end,
where every piece of mail is from a friend,
where the children are sweet and already grown . . . .
Most unhappy people . . . put happiness on “lay away”
And struggle through a blue today . . . .
Life’s most important revelation is
that the journey means more than the destination .”
~ Denis Waitley
Source: Denis Waitley in Seeds of Greatness
No more gray days was painted while I lived in Oregon…
where gray days prevail, and my life was a huge bucket of stress, daily.
I wanted something to remind me that I make my own sunshine, inside and out…
no matter the days events. I needed to provide myself with a work
that re-energized my soul, gave hope on days that felt like I wouldn’t make it through, brought peace to situations that felt impossible.
So, when I found this huge canvas at a local thrift store,
with a horrible painting on it, I bought it, brought it home
to the studio, and began just laying in the colors of hope, of joy,
of reward. When I finished, I stood back and realized,
this life is my own, my destiny is to be a painter, and I
am no coward, no shrinking violet.
I will not ever listen to those who are dream crushers,
those who want to see a person fail, those people who
criticize and make fun of a person’s path, truths, and passions.
I am my own sunshine, and I light my own way
when the days feel dark, and impossible.
I am a maker of art, a creator, a human being of
strength and courage.
No more gray days, powerful, calm and wise,
it marks where I have been, where I will go,
and the faith in myself that is needed to succeed.
I hope you enjoy the work too.

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