oils and acrylics on a reclaimed textured canvas,
framed and HUGE!
Needs a large wall space!
42″ x 50″ in frame
NOW $525.00 + Shipping!
SfearS is about a time in my life that I sometimes wish I could forget,
but you just can’t do that can you?
I wanted to express the joy and fear I felt coming
at me and my family from the outside world, the Joy,
the peace, the love of working and being free to do so,
and also Fear that it won’t work out,
that my kids could just as easily grow-up and try to hate me,
or lose control of themselves and lose themselves.
The world has so many stresses each and everyday,
the media, the world at large, the governments,
the family, money, sex, drugs, addictions,
and people doing crazy things…
I wanted a place to sit and see the beauty and the pain all at once…
I love this work, it has been to many shows, hung in a few galleries,
but not really ever been offered for sale.
It is a personal work, and I wasn’t ready to let it go out into the big bad world yet…
but I think it’s time to let it go, now.
It is a vibrant bold work, full of deep powerful color and it is framed.
A VERY large work, make sure you have the wall space for it!
Thank you for being here today.

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