It’s Monday again?!

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the day
“You must not for one instant give up the effort
to build new lives for yourselves.
Creativity means to push open the heavy,
groaning doorway to life.
This is not an easy struggle.
Indeed, it may be the most
difficult task in the world,
for opening the door to your own life is,
in the end,
more difficult than opening the doors
to the mysteries of the universe. “
~Daisaku Ikeda
Well, it’s Monday and I have this feeling that today,
if I am to have a good day at all,
it’s going to be an act of shear will-power.
I am going to have to pull myself up by my bootstraps,
push myself over the edge of reason,
force myself to be amicable,
and make it happen.
I can’t find my camera to take pictures of my new work,
so I can show you all what I am working on,
but I will look for it some more today and try to get that done too.
Today I will be focusing on the positive things
in my world, like my family, the parts of my
body that don’t hurt, the fact that money isn’t everything,
the incredible blueness of the sky here,
and the small wonder that I am painting again.
I refuse to freak out about things that I can not control,
and I refuse to self abuse about circumstances beyond my
ability to fix, alter, or prevent.
Just for today, I will imagine
harmony with a side order of grace.
Just for today I will practice not worrying, fretting, and bemoaning.
Just for today, I will just take it one moment at a time,
and do my best in every way.
Just for today,
Just imagine.
May the world be a wonderful
place for you today,

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