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Fairy World 5 Power
Ready to hang in a hand-painted goldleaf vintage frame
33″ X 26″ in the frame size
WAS $725.00***ON SALE Now just $200.00 + Shipping
is all about inner power,
not outward control.
Its about the inner balance of power.
“I can make the seasons change just by
the wave of my hand.”(Annie Lenox).
I have no control.
I have no power.
I can only control myself.
I can only give power to myself.
This is mine.
Its hard earned, and beautiful.
Glory in it, or step into the light,
but you better bring your shades and a lunch, because…
This is my choice, this is my lifestyle,
I am being true to me now and it feels good.
Where are you?
Who are you?
Does it feel this good where you are?
Please scroll down two posts to read more about the Fairy World series,
the story behind the fairies is in the post Fairy Tree.

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