Saturday Art-A-Thon

‘Break Out’
18″ X 24 ”
finished sides, painting extends around the sides,
needs no frame, ready to hang.
WAS $350.00 NOW
$150.00 + Shipping!
Break Out: The Quote that inspired it:
And the little girl had approached the bed no nearer than thirty feet when she pulled out a pistol and shot the wolf dead; for even in a cap and nightgown a wolf looks no more like your grandmother than Calvin Coolidge looks like the Metro-Goldwyn lion. Moral: Little girls are not so easy to fool nowadays as they used to be.
~ James Thurber
I painted this work while working through the question, what am I doing? Why am I doing it? I wanted it to be Black & White, my definition, let’s call it.
Then after this work was done I woke up took a look at it, and said, “self, there is no black & white…you are the girl in the big red spot in the middle of it all, accept it.”
So, I did. It was a good work from the stand point that I limited myself to the colors that my mind was working with in word form….and then I stopped thinking in words and started thinking in image, color, tone, texture, symbol.
And I discovered that in my mind I am successful only when I say I am, not any award or any accolades can make you feel really good inside and proud of something about yourself, until you yourself can feel good about it first.
This is what I do.
I Like my own work, so it does not matter what others think, it changes not my own inner opinion of myself and what I am doing, I think they call that feeling authentic, it’s good.
I’m starting a new movement, don’t tell anyone, it’s still a secret.
I call it Heather-ism…
What are the things you need to break out from in your life?
Can you relate to wanting to rip a big hole in the finish flag of this reality?
What do you feel, today…not think, but feel?

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