Too much time alone makes for a BAD! Kitty

BAD! Kitty Art Studio
Quote for the day
“When you think a thought that rings true with who you really are, you feel harmony coursing through your physical body: Joy, love, and a sense of freedom are examples of the alignment. And when you think thoughts that do not ring true with who you really are, you feel the disharmony in your physical body, Depression, fear and feeling of bondage are examples of the misalignment … you can learn to mold the energy that creates worlds through your focus of your own mind … you will use your emotions to feel your way to Well-Being.”
Spending days alone, working hard with clients and not seeing the results in my own life that I would like to see. I am working on the physics of my life today, the quantum-ness of being, manifesting my reality, and creating harmony where there is none.
I will admit to being a little depressed for the last few days, I will admit that I am off my game, I will admit the truth, and then do something about it.
I am a woman of courage and action, stand back….she’s on the move again.
Prowling life for treasure, being an adventurer in my own backyard, seeking the gold within.
I shall overcome, and get back on track.
Just watch me go.
I am a motivated being with an action plan.
I am a machine of love, programed for living.
I can be my own best friend,
and will be again.
I need little, ask for nothing…wanting to do it all myself.
I will examine those issues, maybe it’s time to ask,
to reach out, to be not all on my own in this life.
My path isn’t this sad sack of living,
it is in climbing higher,
I will reach that summit.
I need to paint…I have not been at the easel for two days because
of a heavy work load, I need to get back to my true self,
my true explorations, my own discoveries.
How do you feel today?
Tell me I’d like to know.
May the world be yours today,


  1. Flo0Ky`ala* FriBBLe
    October 25, 2006

    Heather, you are an amazingly talented artist who’s work inspires me to pull out my oils and start creating!!!I hope your physical pain eases and your connection with your imaginative side flourishes.I would like to share your gallery link with a bunch of other artistically driven women I know. I know they will love it!! Thank you for allowing me to view your work-

  2. HMBT
    October 26, 2006

    Well thank you, I am so glad to hear from you, and I look forward to learning more from and about you! It’s so nice to meet new people, thank you again for your kind words, time and enegy in posting, I do hope you will come back soon and post again. Now I am off to learn what I can about you too.Have a great day,Heather


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