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quote for the day
“. . . one of the strongest motives that lead men
to art and science is escape from everyday life
with its painful crudity and hopeless dreariness,
from the fetters of one’s own ever-shifting desires.
A finely tempered nature longs to escape from
the personal life into the world of
objective perception and thought. “
~ Albert Einstein
Monday morning again.
Mate Man has started his new job, he left this morning at 3:30 am to start working at 4am. The boys are almost ready for school, and I will have the house to myself, to work with clients and on my two new paintings, one of which I hope to finish, the other I hope to truly begin as it’s still just a nugget inside my head.
It’s strange to be alone after the three months of having Mate Man around everyday while he looked for work.
I am a little afraid of being lonely, and unproductive but not very. I have spent years in this place, working away the hours between getting up and waiting for my family to return home again. My best artwork was created in days like these. I do worry that I’ll go batty some days, but again… not very much. My chronic pain has been murderous the past few days, and it’s no better this morning, so I’ll exercise first and try to get it under control. I am still awaiting the good word from the local art maven, hoping this will be the week she gets in touch with me, and allows for a viewing of my work. I have had no art sales in three weeks, and that fact is on my mind as I embark on these new works, not a confidence builder, but I have gone longer between sales in all my years as an artist, so I am sure it will get better. I just hope it’s soon, as working with my life coaching clients is a fixed income situation, and art brings the fun and luxury money for things like clothes and more art supplies. It’s just another day in paradise here at BAD! Kitty Art, and I am the head cheerleader for an army of one.
So, I am off to take the kids to the bus stop, eat something empowering for the rebel body I live in and work out before I really start the workday.
I can’t wait till the day comes when I have met some other humans in this new town to talk with and share time with, you know friends and such…maybe even other artists…gasp!…it could happen.
So onward and upward, I hope to finish this new work like I said, if I do I’ll post again later to show it off, it’s a new landscape… impressionism style of course, and a new subject for this BAD! Kitty as I don’t really go for the whole landscape thing…which I guess in a way is kind weird, being that I am a retired Landscape Designer and all. I have never been one to paint bucolic landscapes, as I hate to be predictable. The beauty of KY is so serene and inviting to the eye though, I have felt inspired to translate that richness into jewel tone paintings, like I do with most things that interest me. I love vibrant colors and deep tones, exciting textures. It’s what made me such a good designer in the first place.
Be Well all, and I hope you have a wonderful day.
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