Plunging into a Perfect Present Day. Poetry Friday

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Quote of the day
“If you are having a dream and you think it’s real, it can get very scary.
Say you are dreaming you are tightrope walking across Niagara Falls.
If you fall off, you plunge to your death.
So you are walking very slowly, very carefully.
Then suppose you start lucid dreaming, and you realise it’s all a dream.
What do you do?
Become more cautious and careful?
No, you start jumping up and down on the tightrope,
you do flips, you bounce around, you have a ball –
precisely because you know isn’t real.
When you realise it’s a dream you can afford to play.
The same thing happens when you realise
that ordinary life is a dream, just a movie, just a play.
You don’t become more cautious, more timid, more reserved.
You start jumping up and down and doing flips,
precisely because it’s all a dream, it’s all pure Emptiness.
You don’t feel less , you feel more –
because you can afford to.
You are no longer afraid of dying,
and therefore you are not afraid of living.
You become radical and wild, intense and vivid,
shocking and silly.
You let it all come pouring through, because it’s all your dream.
Life then assumes its true intensity,
its vivid luminosity, its radical effervescence.”
~ Ken Wilber
Source: One Taste
Jumping on
into the future.
Assuming intensity.
Shockingly silly,
and trying to stay
in a lucid state that
will allow this simple
being to hold
a sense of sanity
while riding a
hard present
to it’s end.
Winning freedom
from soul-sucking
Seeing the finish line,
completing missions,
Paint on canvas
a true ‘One Taste’.
Bringing heaven
down to earth
singing with a choir
of angles,
in the morning
of a perfect
present day.
Never fail to
embrace moments
good and bad,
for they are what
transform mere
mortals into
beings of light.
Yours in faith,
and with my mortal fingers
crossed for a good day.
Bring it Universe,
for I need some good news.

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