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Quote for the day


“Worry is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind.

If encouraged, it cuts a channel into

which all other thoughts are drained.”


I am worried. I worry by nature.

I think too much, and it scares the living crap out of me.

I hate to fear anything. I loath fear. I despise being afraid.

When I feel this way, I am a woman of immense action.

Sometimes my ideas to fix situations are great ones,
sometimes they are real stinkers.
I am not sure exactly what to do
with this fear I awoke with today.

I am unsure how to make the best of this situation.

I am living in the now, and fear is riding shotgun today.

I need a plan of action to help my family, protect my kids from knowing

that we are as poor as we have ever been in their lives.

I need to fix this situation so that the books are balanced,
and I can stop worrying about the youngest child’s birthday in a few days,
the bills that have to be paid,
the food not in the pantry,
the lack of basic things to make a life comfortable,
the need for clothing,
the desire for more things to correct and start working in our

favor again.
I need to stop begrudging luck and fortune.

I will think about love, faith and courage,
to drive away the fear, the worry, the

anxiety of my dreams and my waking life today.

I will cross bridges, I will create meaning,
I will work as hard as I ever do, and then work harder.

Life is a gift, even when it’s full of despair and worry.

I will remind myself of this every other minute today,
second by second if I have too.
I will keep my faith, and use my courage.

I will continue to be myself,
I will work harder, think faster,
and do everything in my power to
not focus on things I can’t do anything about.

Rome was not built in a day, and my new life can’t be expected to

be re-built in a week either.

So on I go, asking for nothing and taking the worry,
the fear and examining every inch of it,

for in that I will find new opportunity.

I will take chances,

and live, continue, and survive this day

with success, with grace and without

because I am human,
and working to become more.

I am the next stage in human evolution,

in understanding,
I have to think a lot of myself,
if I don’t who will?

I will not bemoan, I will not wish for it,

I will work for it,

with my head high, without too much pride,

and with the conviction of my dreams.

Onward and upward, it can’t get much worse,

so it can only get better from here.

Yours in courage & faith today,


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