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Quote for the day
Each smallest act of kindness reverberates
across great distances and spans of time,
affecting lives unknown
to the one whose generous spirit was the source
of this good echo,
because kindness is passed on and grows
each time it’s passed,
until a simple courtesy becomes
an act of selfless courage
years later and far away.
Likewise each small meanness, each
expression of hatred, each act of evil.
~ This Momentous day
by: H.R. White
I have spent many hours, days, weeks and months
thinking about what might have been.
What might have happened if I had said this,
or done that.
Would my life have been any different with
those actions?
Would the people I love and care about have
not left, not hurt, not been mean?
If I had been stronger, smarter, faster
would it have made any
Did I make the right choices, did I say the wrong thing,
would it have made any difference?
I can’t know.
I can’t care.
I can’t let the world and all it’s
problems, people, situations
make me hard inside
like a shell with no flesh.
I can’t be carved out, empty and sad.
I can’t live a life without meaning.
I can’t not be me.
I feel things, some would say too much.
I act when I am scared, some would say too fast.
I worry about things, some would say too often.
I work hard all the time, some would say not hard enough.
I ask a lot of myself, some would say not enough.
I can’t care what others say, feel or do.
The facts are that I can’t be anything but me.
To be myself, is all that I can do.
I am scared, and lonely at times.
I don’t have enough money to take care
of things the way I think I should.
I don’t have the ability to make everything all right.
I can only eat so much, grow so much, and hurt so much.
I can only be myself.
That’s all I can do.
Carry on, and be the kind, brave, no money having,
hard, scared, lost,
passionate, loving,
person I am.
That’s all that I can do.
Take this day, and slurp it up in
spoonfuls, one at a time,
until I reach the end of days.
I’ll count my blessings one by one,
and name my regrets in the clearing.
And know that all I could ever do,
is be myself; I’m sure everything will work
out alright.
Bring a little love, and know
that everything will end
up alright.
Yours in truth,

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